dr.fone - Erase (Android)

Protect your privacy by erasing everything from Android permanently

  • Wipe an Android device entirely.
  • Permanent removal of data with no scope of recovery.
  • User-friendly tool that supports various data types (like photos, videos, contacts, messages, etc.)
  • Fully compatible with all the major Android devices.
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Studies shows that even after performing a factory reset on Android device, the deleted content can still be recovered. Protect your privacy by using dr.fone – Erase(Android) and permanently wipe all the crucial data from your device without any scope of recovery.

Sell or donate your device without any worry

Completely wipe your data from Android before selling your device.

Delete Everything on your Device in One go

By following its simple click-through process, you can easily wipe Android phone and remove all the major kinds of data like photos, videos, contacts, call logs, browser history, calendars, app data, and so much more from your Android device.

Why Choose dr.fone?

Fast, Reliable, and Secure.


The tool is easy to use and has an intuitive interface.


Your data won’t be accessed by the tool as it follows a read-only process.


After erasing your data, it can’t be recovered in any scenario.

Fully Compatible with All Leading Android Devices

This Android data erasing tool is compatible with all the popular Android devices manufactured by brands like Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Google, Motorola, and more. It doesn’t matter on which Android version the device is running – the tool will certainly meet your requirements.


Will my data be permanently deleted?

Yes, dr.fone – Erase(Android) wipes an Android device permanently. This includes its photos, cache data, browser history, music, calendar, notes, contacts, messages, and more.

How does this Android data eraser work?

dr.fone – Erase(Android) works in two stages. Firstly, it makes all the content unreadable and later wipes the entire disk. Afterward, users can factory reset the device and finish the process. This will ensure that the deleted content won’t be recovered at all.

Will my device be compatible with it?

Yes – the tool is compatible with all the leading Android devices out there. We keep adding all the latest devices as well to make it more accessible.

How cautious should I be while using the tool?

If you still need the data on the device, make a full backup of your Android device first. Make sure that the device would stay connected to the system during the process.


4 Reviews

    it works!!

    dr.fone cleaned my samsung s5 completely without a hitch. now I can sell it without worrying about my information.

    By Jerry

    gooood job!!!

    It really worked smoothly.

    By Alex

    Great App

    At first I was skeptical. But it turns out working perfectly. Nice!

    By Bob

    dr.fone - Erase

    it's very good

    By youness

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