10 Must-Know Facts About Tor Download and Use

For many of us, the Dark Web puts images into our heads that sound as scary as the name ‘Dark Web’ itself; but in reality, this just isn’t the case.

While the Dark Web is home to some less than desirable things, the vast majority of it is just like a typical web browsing experience, just with a ton of benefits, such as anonymous browsing and freer access to content.

However, knowing about the Dark Web tor websites and tor URL is one thing; actually accessing it is another. If you’ve heard of the Dark Web, then you’ve probably heard of the Tor Browser; the gateway into this alternative internet.

Today, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know about downloading and using the Tor Browser darknet, and 10 essential facts you need to know in order to have the safest and most beneficial experience.

We’ll even tell you able a Tor website list, tor search engine link and other tor internet information! Let’s go!

Part 1. What is Tor Download?

Firstly, let’s get on the same page. The Tor Browser darknet stands for ‘The Onion Router’, hence the onion for a logo.

Originally developed through the U.S Navy, this was a way for military services to communicate anonymously between each other, sending messages and files through the internet without the risk of them being intercepted or hacked.

After many years of research and development, Tor download was then released to a non-profit organization which continues the research and development of the tor browser darknet. Of course, the browser is now completely available to the public and free to download.

tor browser

But, how does it work?

Putting aside the really technical information, if you access a website through the Tor browser, your internet traffic is bounced around multiple Tor download servers from around the world at the same time. This means that anybody observing your traffic would see random bits of code, rather than a secure stream coming from your then identifiable computer.

But more on this later.

In short, this means it’s extremely difficult to track your internet traffic, computer details and your identity. For many, this is an incognito way to browse the internet and can help those who have restricted access to the internet, such as through government censorship, access the whole wide web.

Download Tor browser:




Part 2. How to Be Safe in Tor Download and Use

While you can remain anonymous while browsing the internet, it’s IMPORTANT to note that using the Dark Web is not completely safe. There are many users out there with malicious intent, and you’re not protected in the same way that you would be browsing the Surface Web.

If you click on a hacker-run website or download a malicious file, your computer system and network can still be compromised. This is why it’s so important you use a VPN application to give yourself that extra level of protection.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a way of again spoofing your location across the internet. This way, if someone was able to identify and lock onto your computer traffic, they will see an emulated location and computer network, rather than being able to identify you individually.

get vpn to safely use tor

For example, if you’re browsing the internet in California, using a VPN, you can redirect your internet connection to a server in India. This way, your home address and identify remains completely hidden and hackers will never be able to find you.

This is a highly recommended practice when browsing both the Surface and Dark Web and should be a habit everyone should form when it comes to staying safe online.

Video tutorial: how to set up VPN quickly on computer

Part 3. 10 Must-Know Facts About Tor

Below, we’re going to explore ten of the most common and most essential questions and facts you need to know when it comes to downloading and using the Tor Browser, enabling you to have the best web browsing experience.

#1 - Where Can Tor Download Be Obtained?

The Tor Browser darknet can easily be obtained and downloaded for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers from the official Tor Project download website. Open the Tor site to be taken to the tor project download page.

#2 - Is Tor Illegal?

In short, no.

Tor online is not illegal to download and use. However, while downloading and using the browser itself is not illegal, some of the activities you may find on the Dark Web are and engaging in them can result in hefty fines and prosecution.

tor use

#3 - What OS Platforms Can Tor Be Downloaded and Installed?

The Tor download Browser is available on multiple computer operating systems, and even mobile devices. These operating systems include; Windows, Apple OS, Linux, and Android mobiles; all of which the tor project download is compatible with.

#4 - How Tor Onion Download Actually Works

As mentioned above, every single Tor search Browser is connected to the Tor search Network. All traffic from every computer and browser is pinged into this network and bounces around all kinds of computers, servers and other networks, thus making each traffic and browsing session incredibly difficult to trace and track.

As standard, the Tor search and browsing experience relies on three layers, much like the onion plant it’s based on.  Within the Tor network, there are ‘entry nodes’ which an individual browser, such as yours, will connect with to access the Tor network.

tor working to access dark web

These entry nodes are publicly listed.

Once you’ve connected to an entry node, your internet connection will then be bounced across three different networks (which can be physically located anywhere in the world) before connecting to the source of data you’re trying to connect too via an exit node.

tor node connected

Even if Tor online and the entry nodes have been blocked by your country or internet service provider, a Tor search user can use bridges found in the Tor search settings menu to find a clear route around where the connection to the Tor online network cannot be blacklisted.

#5 - Can I Use Torrent Sites on Tor Online?

Yes, in fact, the original Pirate Bay website, one of the biggest torrenting websites in the world, is hosted on the Tor network. However, you can use only browser torrent websites and download the ‘.torrent.’ files.

The Tor search browser doesn’t support direct downloads of larger files or torrented files, so you’ll still need to use torrenting software, such as BitTorrent or uTorrent, to make the actual download.

#6 - Can Tor Guarantee Absolute Anonymity?

No, Tor online cannot guarantee that you’ll stay completely anonymous while browsing the internet. This is because, depending on the country, entry and exit nodes (as described above) can be monitored by law enforcement agencies, governments, and hackers.

If you’re accessing a certain website with an HTTPS encrypted, such as Google, these can monitor your internet activity, and could possibly even figure out who you are based on the data you input, such as an email address.

The best thing to do if you want to maximize your chances of staying anonymous is to be careful of the websites you’re visiting and to use a VPN connection.

#7 - What Kind of People Use Tor Net?

Endless kinds of people.

While the Tor browser darknet has a bit of a reputation for being the web browser of choice among hackers and criminals, and while there’s no denying these people do actively use the browser and network, there are plenty of other people that use the service.

There is a number of people who use the Dark Web simply because they’re interested, journalists and special services will use it for sending and receiving data anonymously. If you live in a country where your internet access is being repressed, perhaps for political reasons, the Tor browser can offer a gateway online.

Whistleblowers in companies have been known to use the secure services to send their messages and evidence around the world, and even parents allow children use Tor Net for browsing the Surface Web to minimize the risk of them sharing private information with strangers or being tracked online.

user group of tor

#8 - Can I Use Plugins in Tor Online?

You can!

While the list of available plugins is limited compared to other browsers, there are plenty that exists for different purposes. For example, if you want to watch video content on a service like Vimeo, you can use the Flash Player plugin.

JavaScript is the main programming language of Tor onion download browser, which means the browser can fully support JavaScript plugins, although this increases the potential for danger while browsing online since the language is easy to hack.

However, it’s worth noting that many of the Firefox plugins can also be downloaded and used in the Tor internet Browser, so feel free to explore the Firefox Plugin (Add-Ons) Database.

#9 - Can I Open Documents Online in Tor?

Unfortunately not.

If you’re downloading a file type like a PDF file from the tor internet, this will need to be opened in an external application, but you need to make sure you're very careful while doing this since it will reveal your real IP address, which eliminates your anonymity.

#10 - How To Download Tor if Tor Website is Blocked in My Country?

If the Tor Network has been blocked by your country, perhaps for political reasons, don’t worry, you can still access the network to gain full access to the rest of the internet. In fact, the Tor developers themselves have released a graphic to make it easy for anybody to find access to it.

All you need to do is go to the Torproject.org tor free download website and download the tor internet browser.

If the tor websites are blocked, you can contact the Tor apple developers to send you the browser (email address in the image) or use a VPN to mask your location which will allow you to access the website.

unblock tor using vpn

Then, once you’ve opened the Tor guide internet, you’ll need to click the ‘Configure’ option and choose the censored country you’re in to then choose a bridge that will mask your connection and allow you to access the internet at your own will freely.

If this doesn’t work, the team over at Tor Apple and development are very proactive in making sure you’re able to gain access. Any problems simply send the Tor apple team an email and they’ll be happy to help you out!

When you’re online, you’ll be ready to access any of the tor websites, the entire tor internet, any tor search engine link, or any tor address that you already know you want to visit and browse!


Please note that while using the Tor Browser is not illegal, some of the activities you can engage in online through .onion websites are.

We do not condone nor encourage the use of these services, and you do so entirely at your own risk and your own responsibly. Your decisions are your decisions, and all the information in this article should be taken for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.

We will not be held responsible for any interaction with illegal activities, nor damages or incidents that take place from not keeping yourself safe while using the Tor Network.

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