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dr.fone - Backup & Restore (iOS): How To

The first thing is to launch dr.fone on your PC. Then, select "Backup & Restore" on the screen as shown below.

backup restore viber

Next, let's check how to backup and restore Viber chats on iOS devices one by one.

Part 1. Backup Viber Chats History and Attachments from iPhone/iPad to Computer

Step 1. Connect iOS device to the computer

Now connect your iPhone/iPad to computer using a lightening cable. Go to Social App Data Backup & Restore tab and select iOS Viber Backup & Restore to begin the backup.

backup viber

Step 2. Start to backup your Viber chats

After your device is detected, you will see the backup button as shown below. Click the "backup" button and the program will start backing up your Viber messages and files automatically. It is very important to wait for the process to finish. Interrupting or disconnecting your device will ruin the backup process.

backup your viber

Once the process is complete, you will see the window as follows. You can click View it button to preview the files you have backed up.

back up viber

If you want to check the backup file and export the data, just continue reading.

Part 2. View and Restore or Export Viber Chats on Computer

Step 1. View your backup files

On your screen, click "To view the previous backup file >>" in order to check the backup history.

View your backup files

Step 2. Extract your backup file

You will then be able to see all your Viber backup files. Select the ones you would like to view and hit the "View" button.

Extract your backup file

When the scan has finished, all the backup files are displayed. You will be given two options: either to "Restore to Device" or to "Export to PC".

Export viber to ios device

Step 3. Restore or export your Viber chats

If there are items you want to restore back to your iPhone devise, click "Restore to Device" to get your Viber contents to your device. If you want to export the files to PC, simply choose Export to PC.

restore viber to ios device