Can't Activate iPhone After iOS 11 Update? Here's How to Fix It


Any of the issue that comes with iPhone is frustrating, as we never want to miss any moment without using our iPhone/iPad device. So, here we have compiled certain information about could not activate iPad after iOS 11 update.

Possible errors that comes with iOS 11 update are as follows

  • Activation server not available.
  • SIM card is not supported.

But what is the reason and why could not activate iPhone after iOS 11 update? Below are listed some of them:

  1. Apple server gets busy.
  2. Network connection error or carrier do not allow to unlock iPhone.
  3. iPhone not get recognized and iTunes could not verify the device.

Whatever be the reason, but all these create a situation of chaos, under which you could not use or operate your device. So, what to do in this situation? Well, like to inform you that this article will guide you how to resolve the issue of could not activate iPhone after iOS 11 update.

Let’s move on to know more.

6 solutions to fix can't activate iPhone after iOS 11 update

iphone activation fails

Solution 1: Wait and try again later

There might be the chances that Apple server system is quite busy due to which the activation process does not goes well. You can check the status at Apple Support.

check iphone system status

Once you visit the site, you will get the current status. So, you need to wait for a while till the issue gets resolved by Apple in between.

Solution 2: Checking the Net connection and restarting the router

After checking with Apple system status, you need to be double ensure that your network connect is properly connected. If using Wi-Fi, then check the router and settings.

If everything found OK, then, try to restart your Router by first switching it off, then wait for around 60 seconds and turn ON your Wi-Fi router.

restart router to check

And if using cellular data then go and check the signal and connectivity. Also, here try to first close your data connection, wait and then reconnect the network.

Solution 3: Restarting the device

Next process is simple but powerful in many cases, so for that press and hold the sleep and wake button > then need to wait for some time, a slider will appear, slide it from left to right, after that screen will turns black > wait for about 1 minute > now restart by pressing the sleep and wake button once again.

restart iphone

Also, during the waiting period, remove your SIM card > Wipe it > then plug SIM card back to the device.

SIM card of iphone

Solution 4: Use dr.fone toolkit - iOS system recovery for iPhone activation error

Nothing can be more effective than using dr.fone - iOS recovery tool for the purpose of solving iPhone activation error. This is a complete guide for all issues related to your iOS device without causing any data loss. This amazing toolkit has been a great help to many iOS users and is completely safe and secure. With the help of this software, you can recover your system and bring it back to the normal state.

iOS system recovery

For details about how to fix "can't activate iPhone after iOS 11 update" issue, you can visit iOS system recovery guide.

dr.fone - Repair

Activate iPhone after iOS 11 update

  • Activates your iPhone effectively by recovery, with no data loss.
  • Able to rectify iOS issues, like iPhone stuck in recovery mode, white Apple logo, black screen, looping on start, etc.
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  • Completely compatible with iOS 11.
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Solution 5: Reactivation process through iTunes

As an alternate method you can go for activation of your device with iTunes.

Required process is as follows:

First of all make sure that the latest iTunes version is installed on your computer. If not, then visit Apple iTunes Support to download or update.

After that check the connectivity of internet > Now launch the iTunes > connect your iPhone/iPad with PC (iTunes will detect your iOS device automatically) and iTunes will ask to “Activate iPhone”, go for it and enter your Apple ID credentials > Click on “Continue”

iTunes to reactivate iPhone

Note: If you received the error-“SIM card not compatible”, then you should contact your carrier service provider at Apple Support.

Solution 6: Restoring with iTunes

Here, the last resort will be going for the restoring process through iTunes. So how to go for it:

  1. First you keep a backup of your device data
  2. Open iTunes on system > now switch off your iPhone/iPad > Once iTunes detect your device > Click on Restore iPhone option.

iTunes to restore iPhone

Most probably till now your issue will get resolved.

Note: Lastly I would like to provide you with the access to Apple Support team, in case you have any query or are still facing the issue.

Different ways to activate iPhone

In this part our main motive is to provide you details about different ways through which you can activate your iPhone.

Activating iPhone without SIM card

Under this you can activate your iPhone device with someone else SIM card, then you can remove that SIM after the activation, then, later you can use your iPhone with your own SIM card.

So, for that keep a SIM removing tool and SIM of one of your close friend > Now connect to the Wi-Fi > put SIM to your iPhone > Follow the setup instructions, put your logging details > Wait for a while till iPhone gets activated > Now, you can remove the SIM (Under this method, your device is activated but could not make call instead you can make a call using Skype, WhatsApp, Face time or Messenger)

activate iphone with no sim

Activate iPhone with iTunes

Launch iTunes on your computer > connect the iPhone with it > iTunes will detect the device > Click on activation button > confirm it.

Activation through emergency call feature

Open your iPhone > Click on Emergency call, a number pad will appear > here you need to type “112”, then make the call and simultaneously press the Power button with the call > When you see “Calling Interface” > Press cancel to cut the call, once the call gets cancelled, you will be directed to the home screen of the device with activated interface.

activate iphone using emergency call

Activation through Jailbreak

This method you can use with OLD iPhone, as going through the Jailbreak process might tamper with the warranty of the device.

Note: For old iOS, choose “Redsn0w” for downloading jailbreak software. And for new iOS, Pangu is preferred.

Operation steps are as follows:

Step 1: Install Redsn0w > open it > Select the “Extra” option

Step 2: Click on “IPSW” then click on iOS 6.0 or 6.1.2

step 2 of jailbreaking to activate iphone

Step 3: Then choose back > after that click on Jailbreak > Next > Install Cydia > follow on Screen instruction for DFU Mode > Now press the power button for about 3 seconds. Here on screen appear “Exploiting with limera1n” which reflect the rebooting process.

Step 4: After the uploading process > Click on Confirm, and now your device is Jailbroken, now reboot the device, after that device gets activated.

step 4 of jailbreaking to activate iphone

Conclusion: Once you go through the article, clearly you will have better understanding of the reason why you could not activate iPad after iOS 11 update and its possible solutions. You will also most certainly have a glimpse about various processes through which you can activate your iPhone.

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