Top 20 iOS 11 Update Problems and Troubleshootings

Has the new iOS 11 update left you wanting for more? Your iPhone constantly breaking down or camera crashing every now and then? Connectivity lost or frequently crashing apps? Read on to find top 20 iOS 11 update problems and how to fix common iOS 11 problems.

iOS 11 Problem 1. iOS 11 Update Failed

If all of your effort to do the software update process on your iOS device goes to vain and you keep receiving the "Software Update Failed" error message then to fix this iOS 11 problem, you need to go through the following steps.

ios 11 update failed

  • a. Wait for some time and then go for restarting the device
  • b. You can do manual update process through iTunes.

For complete guide visit: iOS 11 Software Update Failed on iPhone? Here's The Real Fix

iOS 11 Problem 2. Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue

After the iOS 11 update, if you are facing Wi-Fi connectivity issues such as the Wi-Fi keeps turning off or your device is unable to connect to it or if it is very slow, then:

ios 11 wifi connection problem

  • a. Make sure it's not a router problem
  • b. Then try 'forget this network' in Settings>Wi-Fi>"Your Connection">Forget This Network.

If iPhone Wi-Fi problems persist, take help from here to know more: Top 5 iPhone Wi-Fi Problems on iOS 11 and How to Fix Them

iOS 11 Problem 3. Insufficient Space For Download on iOS 11

If your device is unable to update and keeps saying "Insufficient Space For Download" then:

not enough space for ios 11 download

  • a. You should be looking at backing up your data and transferring it either to another iOS device or iTunes.
  • b. Next step to fix iOS 11 issues, will be getting rid of those unused apps
  • c. clearing off the cache memory
  • d. As well as using iCloud services to save your space on disk.

For more detailed guide to free up space on iPhone, you can visit: How to Manage and Free Storage Space on iOS 11?

iOS 11 Problem 4. iPhone Cannot Make or Receive Calls

Living a life without calls is quite unexpected, if somehow iOS 11 update brings you in such situation under which you are not being able to make a call then then some steps to follow to solve the issue of calling is as follows:

iphone calling problems on ios 11

  • a. Check whether Airplane mode is off, if not make it switch off. And make sure Device is in network coverage area.
  • b. Check if not the number is blocked.
  • c. Check with your carrier service.

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iOS 11 Problem 5. iPhone Battery Draining

Lots of people are reporting that their devices are having battery issues after iOS 11 update. So, in this case you can follow the steps mentioned to avoid any such occurrence in future.

ios 11 draining iphone battery

  • a. Switched to Low Power Mode.
  • b. When device not in use keeps it in Airplane mode.
  • c. After that do resetting of the device and make sure background app refresh is turned off.

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iOS 11 Problem 6. iPhone Apps Crashing

App Store is down and what's more is that neither are apps running smoothly nor are they getting downloaded due to which again and again iOS crashed iPhone Apps. Thus, before getting worried, make sure:

iphone apps crash on ios 11

  • a. You have the latest version of the app you’re trying to run.
  • b. Now, to fix this iOS update issue, force restart your device.
  • c. If still issue exists, try restoring the device.

Here’s more on this issue: Full Solutions to Fix iPhone Apps Keeps Crash on iOS 11

iOS 11 Problem 7. iPhone Ringtone Not Working

If your ringtone isn't working on your iPhone after the update then it is such a big issue whenever there is an important call about to come, so you can do following things:

iphone ringtone problem on ios 11

  • a. Go to Settings>Sounds and adjust the volume of your ringtone there.
  • b. Make sure your phone isn’t on Silent.
  • c. Restart your phone.

If the problem persists, check this out: 10 Tips to Fix iPhone Sound Not Working Problems

iOS 11 Problem 8. iPhone Charging Issue

Is your device getting charged only devastatingly slowly? Or not charging at all? Then need to took some steps, such as:

iphone charging issue on ios 11

  • a. Get an Apple USB cable and make sure there is no damage to the cable.
  • b. Alternatively, using an iPad charger may temporarily solve your problem as it charges up an iPhone quickly.

If you continue to face issues, you should check out this: iPhone Not Charging? Here Is The Real Fix!

iOS 11 Problem 9. iOS 11 Update Bricks iPhone

If unexpectedly iOS update caused bricked iPhone, then the preliminary steps should be:

ios 11 update bricks iphone

  • a. First, you need to put the device under recovery mode, then restoring with iTunes.
  • b. Using iPhone recovering/repairing software such as dr.fone - Repair.

For further reading visit: Full Guide to Fix iPhone Gets Bricked After iOS 11 Update

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iOS 11 Problem 10. iPhone Sound Not Working

If your device is having trouble with Sound, then neither you would be able to listen to media files nor alarm or any other sound, quite frustrating, so just follow the steps to solve this as soon as possible:

iphone sound issue on ios 11

  • a. First, check if the mute button is off.
  • b. Check if Do not disturb is not ON, if so, turn off.
  • c. You could try turning Bluetooth on and off and clean the speaker grille.

Hopefully, this will resolve any issue. If not, then refer to this to know more: Common iPhone Volume Problems and How to Fix Them

iOS 11 Problem 11. iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

If you are also the victim of iPhone stuck on Apple logo, thus you would not being able to operate the device, then you can try out following steps:

ios 11 update stuck on apple logo

  • a. Give your device a restart, to remove and close unused background activities.
  • b. Restoring device with the help of iTunes.
  • c. If it is due to a hardware issue, then visit nearby Apple Repair center.

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iOS 11 Problem 12. Notes App crash on iOS 11

It is one of the most common issue with iOS 11 making you not able to open the desired app or unexpectedly shutdown, here are the required steps to resolve this problem:

notes app crash on ios 11

  • a. First restart the device, wait a while then reopen Notes.
  • b. Clear the cache memory and clear all opened background apps.
  • c. Next, you can go with resetting the device with visiting settings, then general, reset, finally reset all settings.

For further reading: iOS 11 Notes Crashing Issues and Basic Troubleshooting

iOS 11 Problem 13. Safari Keeps Crashing

You like to search something through Safari browser but due to some unknown reason after iOS 11 update Safari keeps crashing that eats up your valuable time, then to solve this you can follow:

safari crash on ios 11

  • a. Restart your device.
  • b. Then clean Safari’s junk files and cookies to bring some respite.

If that doesn’t help, refer to this: 6 Tips to Fix iPhone/iPad Safari Not Working on iOS 11

iOS 11 Problem 14. Siri Not Working Properly

Siri is indispensable for a lot of Apple users which works as best personal assistance. However, the new iOS 11 update problems has even affected Siri thus not enjoying the wonderful feature of Siri by Apple. Then following steps will assist you:

iphone siri not working on ios 11

  • a. Then you should reset all settings.
  • b. Now, make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi or cellular network and then check if Hey Siri feature is on. Try turning the Bluetooth off too.

For Further details: Siri Not Working On iPhone X/8/7/6/6s/5? Here's The Real Fix!

iOS 11 Problem 15. iPhone Overheating

Users have reported overheating problems after the iOS 11 update. Due to which your device gets heat-up heavily while charging. So if you are facing this then primarily step and proper solution are as follows:

iphone overheating on ios 11

  • a. Don’t worry, let your device cool down first and take out its case.
  • b. Turn off all heavy-load apps off like Location Services since these are infamous for draining your iPhone battery.
  • c. Then, reset the device and download the update again if you can.

More information at: 10 Ways to Fix the iPhone Overheating Issue After iOS 11 Update

iOS 11 Problem 16. Bluetooth Stays Turned On Or Doesn’t Connect

If you're wondering why your Bluetooth is having problems such as it is showing that device is connected to bluetooth but could not able to enjoy the transfer or not even able to search nearby device, then to fix iOS 11 issues,

iphone bluetooth issue on ios 11

  • a. You might want to let your device “Forget” the Bluetooth connection and then try to reconnect.
  • b. Furthermore, reset all settings to go back to factory default and then try again.

Read here to get more solutions: How to Fix iPhone Bluetooth Not Working on iOS 11?

iOS 11 Problem 17. iPhone Facebook Messenger Problems

Social media is perhaps the most important aspect of our digital lives today. But somehow not able to open, operate or navigate the messenger then solution is required. Thus to solve issue follow:

facebook messenger on ios 11

  • a. Make sure your Facebook app is up to date before you try uninstalling it and then reinstalling it to fix the issue.
  • b. If this doesn’t help, restart your device. Check out further details: Facebook Messenger Troubleshooting

iOS 11 Problem 18. iPhone Wallpaper Problem

If your lock screen and home screen wallpapers keep getting changed on their own or you can not make any update.

iphone wallpaper problem on ios 11

Then the solution to this is pretty easy. Just force restart your phone and the wallpapers will go back to how they were supposed to be.

iOS 11 Problem 19. iPhone Not Responding / Touch Screen Problems

If your device has become slow or even unresponsive to the touch then working on device is quite hard, so to make your device easy to operate required steps are:

touch screen on ios 11

  • a. You need to clean your screen as a first step.
  • b. Afterwards, reset/reboot your device by holding the power button and the home button
  • (volume down and power button on iPhone7) at the same time.
  • c. You might want to Restore your device if this doesn’t work either.

Further information at: 5 Ways to Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Issue After Updating to iOS 11/10

iOS 11 Problem 20. Apple AirPods Not Working While on Calls

If your AirPods aren't working properly while you are on calls, and this issue occur after update of device, then follow the steps to get out of it:

ios 11 airpod not working

Just take both AirPods off and keep them inside the case for five to ten seconds. Then take them out keeping the case next to your iPhone, that might resolve the issue.

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The new iOS 11 update has caused a series of issues in the devices for a large number of customers. While everyone eagerly awaits Apple’s next update which will hopefully resolve if not all then most of these issues, here we have listed tried and tested methods to fix iOS 11 update issues so no one has to stay under the rock in the age of information and technology.

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