How to Fix iPhone Bluetooth Not Working on iOS 11?

The world is celebrating the launch of the new iPhone and iOS 11 along with them. Majority of the iOS users who have downloaded iOS 11 on their old iPhone or are using it on the new iOS devices, have appreciated the feature laden interface and advancements brought about by company.

However, there are many other users who feel that iOS 11 has not been up to the mark, and this is not just some baseless criticism, but a well founded opinion after using iOS 11 and all its feature. One of the major problems faced by users is iPhone Bluetooth not working in iOS 11. Yes, you heard that right. iOS 11 Bluetooth not working issue has become the talk of the town and many people have complained of it on various online/offline forums.

Hence in this article today, we thought of bringing to you some iPhone Bluetooth related issues that occur in iOS 11 and also some easy tips & tricks to fix it instantly.

Part 1. Common iPhone Bluetooth problems on iOS 11

common iphone bluetooth issues

Most of the iPhone Bluetooth problems in iOS 11 pertain to connectivity issues. Although there are many other iPhone Bluetooth issues in iOS 11 too, but users commonly complain about the errors that we have listed for you below:

  • • iOS 11 Bluetooth not turning on
  • • Bluetooth not working on my iPhone after upgrade to iOS 11
  • • iOS 11 Bluetooth fails to connect to iPad
  • • iPhone Bluetooth turned off itself in iOS 11
  • • Bluetooth not recognizing my device in iOS 11
  • • Bluetooth does not turn on in iOS 11
  • • iOS 11 Bluetooth disconnecting again and again

To be frank, iPhone Bluetooth not working iOS 11 is not something we were anticipating as we expected iOS 11 to be flawless.

Nonetheless, iPhone Bluetooth issues in iOS 11 can be resolved by following some easy tips which are discussed in the next segment.

Part 2. Six Tips to Fix iPhone Bluetooth not working on iOS 11

Depending upon how severe the iOS 11 Bluetooth not working issue is, given below are some remedies for the same. Put these to use in the order they are listed and follow the instructions very carefully.

1. Restart iPhone

This is the most basic solution, often referred to as a home remedy, for iPhone Bluetooth problems in iOS 11. All you have to do is just press the Power On/Off button and Home button (or Volume Down button for iPhone 7/8/X) to reset/restart the iPhone.

restart iphone

The iPhone will take a minute or two to reboot. Then try connecting Bluetooth again.

2. Turn off and then turn on Bluetooth again

Turning off and then turning on Bluetooth also helps. This is a simple two step procedure but could solve the biggest of iPhone Bluetooth not working in iOS 11 issues. So, just visit “Settings” > “Bluetooth” > Toggle it off and return to Home Screen. Wait for a few seconds and then again visit “Settings” > Bluetooth” > Toggle is on. Now see that Bluetooth stays turned on and your iPhone connects to other devices via Bluetooth.

turn on bluetooth

3. Forget connection and try to pair again.

To tackle a connection problem of iPhone Bluetooth issues in iOS 11, you can do this:

Visit “Settings” and open “Bluetooth”. Now click on the info icon as shown in the screenshot below and select “Forget This Device”.

forget bluetooth connection

Once the connection is broken and forgotten, try to pair your iPhone again with it by discovering and fol-lowing the simple onscreen instructions.

4. Reset iPhone network settings

Resetting network settings can also solve the most severe iOS 11 Bluetooth not working issues as it clears all the previously saved network connections and their settings. Just visit “Settings” > “General” and click on “Reset”. Then select “Reset Network Settings” and you’re done.

reset network settings on iphone

The only flip side is that you will have to configure all the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections from scratch.

5. Factory Reset iPhone

This is an extreme measure and must be used only when none of the above techniques help. Factory resetting an iPhone will mean deleting all its saved data, Apps, settings, contents and media files. So only when you are very sure you want to do this, visit “Settings” and select “Reset” under “General”. Then click on “Erase all Contents and Settings”.

erase all to fix bluetooth not working

Once this is done, set up your iPhone and hopefully the iPhone Bluetooth problems in iOS 11 would be solved.

6. Restore iPhone with iTunes

This should be art thing on your mind as it will completely erase the iPhone and its data. However, if noth-ing else works, take a backup of your data and settings and proceed to restore your iPhone with iTunes to solve iPhone Bluetooth issues in iOS 11.

Launch iTunes on your PC and connect iPhone to it. Select your device at the iTunes interface and click “Restore iPhone”.

restore to fix bluetooth not working

Hit “Restore” on the pop-up message and you’re done.

This technique will solve the problem 99.9% of the times and you can verify its results by setting up your iPhone and try to establish a Bluetooth connection thereafter.

Lastly, if you are not satisfied with the outcome of the above mentioned tips and tricks, you may visit the nearest Apple Store and talk to an expert about the ongoing iPhone Bluetooth problems in iOS 11. You may also call you the Apple customer care and talk to them on phone.


iPhone Bluetooth issues in iOS 11 have affected many users all over the world. People complained of varied iPhone Bluetooth problems in iOS 11 and the most common ones have been listed for you above.

This article is a sincere effort to make readers and iPhone users understand that with every iOS update, there are some glitches. However, there is nothing to worry about as these are minor errors and can be fixed following some simple tips. Similarly, iPhone Bluetooth issues iOS 11 can be dealt with without you having to uninstall the update. Also, do not fret because you are not the only one facing such errors. There are many others hit by the same problem and 6 tips listed above have helped them a great deal.

So go ahead and give these tricks a try.

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