4 Solutions to Fix iPhone Boot Loop After iOS 11 Update


It has been sometime since the launch of iOS 11. We hear users cheering about the new update but there are also many iPhone users who are not very happy after downloading and installing it on their device because it is causing iOS 11 reboot loop.

iOS 11 stuck in boot loop issue is very annoying as you will see that your iPhone will keep turning off itself and after a few seconds switch on again. It becomes very difficult to use the iPhone if it is experiencing iOS 11 beta boot loop problem.

We understand the inconvenience caused to you and thus offer four iOS 11 boot loop fix techniques to help you use your iPhone running on the new update smoothly.

Part 1. Force restart iPhone to get out of boot loop

The preliminary action to be taken in case of any type of iOS system issue is to force restart the iPhone. We know this sounds extremely simple and people often wonder how force restarting the iPhone can fix an issue like iOS 11 reboot loop, but go ahead and give it a shot. This technique has proved to be great iOS 11 boot loop fix and will help you too.

To force restart iPhone in iOS 11 reboot loop, follow the steps given below:

• For iPhone 6s (and previous models), press Home and Power On/Off button together. Wait for screen to turn black and release the buttons. Then only press Power On/Off button and see the Apple logo appear.

restart iphone 6s

• For iPhone 7 (and later models), press Volume down button instead of the Home button. The rest of the procedure remains the same to fix iOS 11 stuck in boot loop.

restart iphone 7

Part 2. Fix iOS 11 boot loop with dr.fone- Repair (iOS)

iOS 11 beta boot loop caused by iOS 11 beta update or regular iOS 11 stuck in boot loop issue can be easily fixed by dr.fone toolkit- Repair (iOS). This iOS 11 boot loop fix is the best way to repair your iPhone software. Also, similar issues like iPhone stuck on Apple logo, blue/white screen of death, iPhone wont unlock and frozen iPhone are also resolved by this software.

dr.fone - Repair (iOS)

Best Tool to Fix iOS 11 Boot Loop

  • 100% secure recovery
  • Fixes iPhone boot loop, white Apple logo, black screen, iPhone stuck in recovery mode, etc.
  • Designed for all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • No data loss or leaking
Available on: Windows Mac
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To put this toolkit to use, follow the steps given below and get your iPhone out of iOS 11 boot loop:

• Download the dr.fone toolkit on your personal computer (Windows/Mac), install the software and launch it to select “Repair” at the main interface.

main screen to start

• This is the next step where you need to connect iPhone stuck in iOS 11 reboot loop to computer. dr.fone toolkit- Repair (iOS) will detect it. Click on “Start” and you will be good to go.

confirm to fix iOS 11 reboot loop

• This step is important, so follow the instructions carefully. Here you need to put iPhone in DFU Mode. Press Home button (Volume down button in case of iPhone 7 and later models) and Power On/Off button together. Release the Power On/Off button (only) after 10 seconds. When dr.fone toolkit recognises iPhone in DFU Mode, release Home Key as well.

DFU mode

• For this step, download firmware for iPhone. To do so fill in all the blanks on the screen before you and hit “Download”.

download firmware

• Appropriate firmware will now start downloading for your iPhone. You may check its progress on the window before you.

downloading to fix iOS 11 reboot loop

• Firmware downloaded? Yes? Ok. Click "Fix Now". Now iOS system recovery will start fixing all the system issues present in the iPhone. Do Not disconnect your device and wait for the repairing mechanism to finish successfully.

confirm the final fixing

• Once the firmware is successfully installed on the iPhone and the iOS system is completely fixed, iPhone will reboot and function normally.

iOS 11 reboot loop fixed

Pretty easy, isn’t it? Using dr.fone toolkit- Repair (iOS) is as easy to use as it sounds and the best part is that it does not cause data loss and fixes the issue within minutes.

Part 3. Restore to iTunes to fix iOS 11 reboot loop

Restoring iPhone, which is experiencing iOS 11 beta boot loop issue, to its factory settings using iTunes is another simple and effective way to resolve iOS 11 stuck in boot loop. This method results in data loss and thus an extreme iOS 11 boot loop fix.

Nevertheless, you can implement this technique and get your iPhone out of iOS 11 reboot loop if you have previously made an iTunes/iCloud backup of all your data.

To restore iPhone with iTunes to fix iOS 11 stuck in boot loop:

• Connect iPhone stuck in iOS 11 beta boot loop to the computer. Make sure the latest version of iTunes is downloaded and installed on the PC. iTunes will detect iPhone and launch by itself.

• Select the iPhone on the iTunes interface and click on “Summary” tab.

• Then hit “Restore iPhone” as shown below.

restore iphone in itunes

• On the pop-up message that appears, click “Restore” again to confirm and restore iPhone to its factory settings.

• Lastly, start setting up the iPhone from scratch, restore the iTunes/iCloud backup and see that iOS 11 reboot loop issues is fixed.

Part 4. Factory reset to fix iPhone stuck in boot loop

Factory resetting iPhone to wipe off all its content, data and settings can also be an effective iOS 11 boot loop fix but yes, you will lose all the saved data and settings by implementing this technique. Be doubly sure before taking this method up and make sure to back up your data first.

If you want to go ahead and factory reset your iPhone, do this:

• Visit “Settings” and select “General”.

• Now select “Reset” and click “Erase all Content and Settings”.

• Finally, click “Erase iPhone” and you’re done!

erase settings

Once the iPhone is reset, set it up again and verify if the problem of iOS 11 reboot loop still persists.


To wrap up, iOS 11 stuck in boot loop is not a very pleasant situation to experience. Many of you might panic too as it will render you incapable of using your iPhone. Good news is that iOS 11 reboot loop issue can be fixed and in this article we bring to you four ways to do just that.

Evaluate the four techniques properly and choose the one that suits you best. We, however, recommend to all our readers to download and install dr.fone toolkit on their PC. This software can take care of all types of iOS needs and its System Recovery interface will fix the boot loop problem instantly.

They're downloading

dr.fone - Repair (iOS)

dr.fone - Repair (iOS)

Fix various iOS system issues like iPhone black screen, White Apple logo, etc. without any data loss.

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