Top 5 iPhone Wi-Fi Problems on iOS 11 and How to Fix Them

iPhone Wi-Fi problems due to its latest firmware iOS 11 is a significant issue. A lot of people are complaining regarding the iPhone bugs related to its Wi-Fi connectivity. As experience speaks, every latest update arrives with many bugs and issues during the initial phases of the launch. It takes time for the firmware to stabilize and work properly.

Coming to the iOS, after the release of the latest iOS 11, many issues regarding its Wi-Fi connectivity has cropped up and iPhone users don’t have the patience to solve it by themselves. So how to resolve the Wi-Fi issues? Today, We shall bring forward some common iPhone Wi-Fi problems and provide you five methods using which you can troubleshoot your Wi-Fi connectivity problem.

Part 1: iOS 11 Wi-Fi No Internet Connection issue

Many users have come up with the complaint about iOS 11 Wi-Fi problems, and one of such charge includes the “no internet connection” issue. Sometimes the router is working just fine, but it shows “no internet access” on your phone. In that case, you can follow this step to access internet though Wi-Fi.

Change your DNS Settings.

To solve the problem, you can fix your DNS settings. There are two types of DNS address that you can use.

  • 1. Google DNS: or You can use any one of them or both but ensure that both the addresses are separated by commas.
  • 2. Open DNS: or

Other than the addresses mentioned above, you can also try

Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and there find the network that you wish to connect and click on the info tab which is next to the networks

Input your DNS address, and you are good to go.

iphone DNS settings

Part 2: iOS 11 Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting

There are two possible causes behind “disconnection of Wi-Fi.” One is the Bluetooth, and another is the GPS.

Let us understand how to resolve this:

1. Turn off the Bluetooth

Bluetooth can sometimes cause turbulence with your Wi-Fi resulting in disconnection from time to time. You can Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen and tap on the Bluetooth icon directly in case it is on, otherwise, switch it on and then switch it off. You can do it by: Settings > General > Bluetooth (First turn ON then after some time turn it OFF).

turn off iphone Bluetooth

2. Turn off GPS

For GPS, you can disable the location services by clicking on Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services. This can solve your network issues to some extent.

iphone gps settings

Part 3: iOS 11 Wi-Fi password incorrect issue

First, check whether there is any problem in Wi-Fi while accepting the password or not. You can reset your router to ensure its proper functioning.

If the problem is not on the router, then focus on clearing the credentials of the router and entering the password again. For that, you need to forget the Wi-Fi network by clicking on settings > Wi-Fi > forget this network. Tap on forget to forget the network.

Input the password again by clicking the Wi-Fi network, and it will work.

Resetting the network settings can clear most of the connectivity issues in no time. Resetting flushes existing caches and ensures all the changes made to the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) are removed. To do this, you have to go to Settings > General > Reset and click on Reset Network Settings. Your existing network settings will be removed and restored to default. This can clear one of the significant iOS 11 Wi-Fi issues.

forget wifi on iphone

Part 4: iOS 11 Wi-Fi won’t turn on issue

We can resolve this iOS 11 Wi-Fi problem by few simple tweaks on your device.

1. Hard Reset

To do that, Hold down the Power + Home buttons for few seconds and continue until the screen goes blank and then display the Apple logo on display. For iPhone 7 or later, the key combination is Power + Volume Down keys. After resetting your device, try to turn on the Wi-Fi.

hard reset iphone

2. Toggle Airplane Mode

One of the reasons why the iPhone may not connect to the Wi-Fi is Airplane mode. When in this mode, the phone disconnects itself from all kinds of network. Toggling airplane mode to off will solve the issue.

Go to Settings > turn the Airplane mode on. Wait for at least 30 seconds to reset. Then turn it back off. Attempt to connect to a Wi-Fi network once again.

3. Update Router Firmware

Updating the router firmware might be an option to choose. For that, you need to know the model and version number of the router which is readily available at the back of the box or in the manual. You can also find the same on the router itself. Then go to the download section of the manufacturer's site. Then download the suitable update. In case any problem occurs then refer to the router manual.

update router firmware

Part 5: iOS 11 Wi-Fi is Slow

In some uncommon cases, users have reported that resetting Wi-Fi Assists helps to elevate the problem of Wi-Fi. To turn off Wi-Fi Assist, launch the Settings app and navigate to Settings > Cellular (Mobile in some regions) and scroll down to the bottom where you will see Wi-Fi Assist. Click on the toggle to switch it off.

reset iphone wifi assist

Note: If all the methods mentioned above fails to connect to a Wi-Fi network or won’t connect at all, then you can go for resetting all your network configuration which includes – Wi-Fi and cellular settings saved networks and passwords, and also the VPN and APN settings.

Navigate to Settings > Tap General > Tap Reset > Tap Reset network settings > Enter your passcode if asked > Tap Reset network settings to confirm your action.

reset iphone network settings

Last but not the least, The latest update of all the firmware and software is essential as it is a sure shot way to keep all the problem of bugs and viruses in check. You can update your software over Wi-Fi, but in such case, there is a chance that your network might not be continuous.

If your iPhone fails to connect to a Wi-Fi, this option is not even in question. In that case, you will need to update the software using iTunes. In case you are good to get a strong Wi-Fi network then you can do following steps to update the software and firmware of your iPhone or iPad:

Go to Settings > Tap General > Tap Software Update.

update software over wifi


This article covers all the Wi-Fi related issues and their best solutions. So, I hope that your concern about iPhone Wi-Fi problems gets resolved by going through the article and now you will have greater experience with your iPhone.

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