Top 20 iPhone 7 Problems and How to Fix Them

Even though it has been a while since iPhone 7 has been released, users still face plenty of issues related to the device. From an unresponsive screen to a bad battery life, there are all kinds of iPhone 7 problems that one can face. To help you overcome these iPhone 7 issues, we have come up with this informative post. We have handpicked the 20 common iPhone 7 bugs with smart solutions to fix them. Read on and fix these iPhone 7 Plus problems right away.

If you are facing these iPhone 7 issues, then your life is about to get easier.
We have listed easy solutions to fix these 20 commonly faced iPhone 7 problems.

1. Poor battery performance

The most common iPhone 7 problems are related to its battery. To start with, you can go to its Settings and check the battery usage. Update the apps that are consuming your device’s battery or calibrate the battery to fix these iPhone 7 issues. Find more in iOS 11 Battery Draining Fast? How to Improve iPhone Battery Life?.

poor battery performance

2. Earpods are not functioning

Another common iPhone 7 Plus problems is related to its lightning earpods. If they are not working, then you should disconnect them, restart your phone, and try connecting them again. Make sure that the lightning port is clean and the cable is not damaged.

earpods not functioning

3. Can’t charge the device

If you are not able to charge your phone, then you would have to take some immediate actions to fix these iPhone 7 problems. Firstly, make sure the charging cable you are using is authentic and not damaged. Try connecting it with other sockets and ensure that the battery is functioning in an ideal way. You can also reset the device to resolve these iPhone 7 bugs. Also, learn how to fix iPhone Not Charging issues.

cannot charge device

4. Hissing sound

This is one of the most common iPhone 7 Plus issues that users face. While making a call, you might hear a peculiar hissing sound in the background. To fix these iPhone 7 problems, go to your device’s Settings > General > Accessibility and make sure the option of Phone Noise Cancellation is on.

hissing sound

5. Unable to connect to a Wi-Fi network

Without having an access to a Wifi network, you won’t be able to make the most of your smartphone. Firstly, make sure the Wifi network doesn’t have any issue. You can also forget the network and try connecting to it again. If these iPhone 7 issues still persist, you can go to your device’s Settings and Reset the Network Settings as well. You can also learn Top 5 iPhone Wi-Fi Problems and How to Fix Them.

cannot connect to wifi

6. The camera has a black screen

Another common iPhone 7 issue is related to its camera. If the camera displays a black screen, then you should click on the flip button. It can also be resolved by updating your device’s iOS version or closing the camera app.

camera black screen

7. Can’t activate the device

If you are not able to activate your new iPhone 7, then you should check your Wifi connection (and credentials) first. If you are activating it through iTunes, then you should use an updated version of iTunes. You can also restart it and check if it resolves these iPhone 7 Plus problems.

iphone not activated

8. Device has become unresponsive

While using your iPhone 7, if your device has become unresponsive or frozen, then you can forcefully restart it. To do this, press the Power and Volume Down key at the same time. Keep pressing them until your phone would turn on. You can also put it in the recovery or DFU mode as well to fix similar iPhone 7 Plus issues.

iphone 7 not responsive

9. The 3D Touch is not working

The 3D Touch feature is an integral part of any iPhone 7. Though, if it has been damaged physically, then it might cause these iPhone 7 bugs. Clean it thoroughly and ensure it is being calibrated in an ideal way. You can go to its Settings and choose to calibrate it as well.

3d touch not working

10. Can’t make or pick a call

Even though smartphones are packed with numerous features, calling is still the most vital part of them. If you are facing iPhone 7 problems related to its calling, then you can restart your device or reset it entirely. Make sure it is not in the silent mode and turn up the in-call volume. Also, the number you are trying to call might be blocked as well. Learn how to fix My iPhone Won't Receive or Make Calls. Here's How to Fix It.

cannot make or answer call

11. Wrong Timezone

By default, your device should detect the present timezone and display the appropriate time. If you are facing these iPhone 7 issues, then go to its Settings and turn off the Timezone Support option. Later, update it manually and notice the difference.

wrong time zone

12. Can’t move or delete apps

This is one of those iPhone 7 bugs, which is found in this generation of iOS device only. You can easily fix this by simply restarting your device or making sure that its 3D Touch feature is turned on.

failure to move or delete apps

13. No keyboard in the messaging app

If you are switching between the emoji and character keyboard in iPhone 7, then you might face this problem. The best way to resolve these iPhone 7 Plus problems is by updating your device. Go to its Settings and upgrade it to a stable version of iOS. You can also restore the device to fix similar iPhone 7 issues.

no keyboard displayed

14. Messages are not get delivered

It might surprise you, but the message delivery issue is one of the most common iPhone 7 Plus issues. Mostly, it is associated with your phone’s date and time. Go to its Settings > General > Date and Time and set it to automatic. You can also review the messaging center on your network or learn Ultimate Message/iMessage Problems and Troubleshooting.

automatic date and time

15. The device is stuck in the reboot loop

If your device just keeps rebooting and can’t function ideally, then you should not take these iPhone 7 issues lightly as it might damage your device or its data. Simply take the assistance of dr.fone - Repair. It is a highly advanced tool that can resolve all the commonly faced iPhone 7 issues without causing any data loss. Besides that, you can also put your phone in recovery mode. Read 4 Solutions to Fix iPhone Reboot Loop on iOS 11/iOS 10 to know what to do if your iPhone is stuck in reboot loop.

stuck in reboot loop

16. iPhone 7 stuck on Apple logo

Besides being stuck on the booting loop, your iPhone can also be stuck on the Apple logo. You can use dr.fone - Repair in this situation as it can fix every major iOS related problem. You can also forcefully restart your phone, put it in DFU mode, or restore it entirely. Additionally, follow 3 Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo.

stuck on apple logo

17. 3D Touch Haptic Feedback malfunctioning

Even if the 3D Touch is functioning, the haptic feedback can stop working at times. To fix this, you can restart your device or reset its settings. You can also visit Settings > Sounds and Haptic and toggle the features off and on.

haptic feedback malfunctioning

18. Bluetooth not working

Just like Wifi, the Bluetooth on your device might seem to malfunction as well. To resolve these iPhone 7 Plus problems, make sure the Bluetooth features is turned on. You should also make your iPhone discoverable or forget a paired device to fix these iPhone 7 Plus issues. Furthermore, read Top 3 iPhone/iPad Bluetooth Problems & Fixes.

bluetooth not working

19. Touch ID not working

If your phone is not able to read your fingerprint, then you might need to reset it. This can be done by visiting Setting > Touch ID & Passcode. Forget the stored Touch ID and calibrate the new one.

touch id not working

20. Effects on iMessage are not loading

With the release of iOS 10, iMessage has seen a drastic change. Users can now include various effects in their message. Though, sometimes it doesn’t seem to work. To fix these iPhone 7 bugs, you can go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn off the Reduce Motion feature.

imessage effects not loading

We are sure that after getting to know about these iPhone 7 problems and solutions, you would certainly be able to use your device to its best. Ideally, you should use dr.fone Repair to fix all sorts of iPhone 7 issues without causing any harm to your device. It is a remarkable application and will certainly come handy to you on numerous occasions.

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