10 Tips to Fix iPhone Sound Not Working Problems

Apple is known the world over for manufacturing some of the best smartphones. Even though the iPhone series has come a long way, users still face problems like iPhone sound not working. The sound not working on iPhone 6 and other generation devices is a common issue. If you are also using an iOS device for a while, chances are that you might face iPhone sound problems too. It can happen due to a hardware damage or an iOS-related issue as well. In this post, we will teach you how to fix problems like no sound on iPhone video or iPhone no sound on calls with some easy fixes.

A while back, I realized that on my iPhone 6s sound not working. This got me to dig a little deeper regarding the iPhone sound problems. To help our readers, I came up with these easy fixes for iPhone sound not working.

1. Un-mute your device

As surprising as it might sound, most of the users mute their device unintentionally and think that the sound not working on iPhone 6. Before you proceed, make sure that the phone is in the Ringer mode. The red strip on the sidebar will depict that your phone is on mute.

unmute iphone to fix sound not working

2. Turn up the Volume

While making a call or playing music, you might experience the iPhone 6s sound not working. In this case, you need to adjust the media or call volume. While you are on a call, press the Volume up key to fix iPhone no sound on calls issues. Similarly, while playing any media, do the same to resolve no sound on iPhone video or music problems.

iphone volume up

3. Check for a physical damage

If your device’s hardware has been damaged, then it might cause severe iPhone sound problems. Therefore, you can check if the sound is working on other apps or while playing a media. Also, you can connect it to a speaker to further diagnose the problem. If there is dirt or debris on your device, then it can block its sound. Clean the speaker, receiver, and all the other ports to ensure there is no hardware-related issue causing the iPhone sound not working.

check surface damage on iphone

4. Turn off the DND mode

If you have switched on the DND (Do Not Disturb) mode on your device, then you might assume that the sound not working on iPhone 6. It is a common mistake and can be resolved easily. Just unlock your device and go to its Settings > Do Not Disturb. From here, you can turn it off manually. Now, you check if you are getting the iPhone no sound on calls problem or not.

DND mode

5. Allow Notification Sounds

Even after putting your phone on the Ringer mode and disabling the DND mode, if you are still getting iPhone sound not working, then you need to check its Notifications. Go to Settings > Notification and Allow Notifications. Also, enable Sounds under Notifications and fix iPhone sound problems.

notification sound

6. Turn Bluetooth off

If you have paired your iPhone with another Bluetooth device, then you might experience no sound on iPhone video or media. The best way to fix this is by simply disabling the Bluetooth feature on your device. You can either toggle it from the Control Center or visit the device’s Settings > Bluetooth and manually turn it off. Now, check whether you are getting the iPhone 6s sound not working or not.

deactivate bluetooth

7. Upgrade the iOS version

If your device is running on an unstable or outdated version of iOS, then you might face several issues with it, like iPhone sound 6s sound not working. The easiest way to fix this is by simply updating your iOS device. To do it, go to its Settings > General > Software Update. From here, you can view the latest version of iOS available. Tap on the “Download and Install” button to get the new iOS version and fix these iPhone sound problems.

upgrade ios version

8. Restart your device

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple restarting of the device to fix sound not working on iPhone 6 problem. Press the Power (wake/sleep) button on the device, which is located on the side. As you will get the Power slider option on the screen, slide it and switch off your phone. After waiting for a few seconds, press the Power button again and restart it. Since it would reset the Power cycle, chances are that it might fix iPhone sound not working as well.

restart iphone to fix sound not working

9. Reset your device

If nothing else seems to work, then you can simply reset your device entirely. Though, if you are only facing iPhone no sound on calls, then you should just reset its Network Settings. To do this, go to your device’s Settings > General > Reset and tap on the option of your choice. If you are facing several iPhone sound problems, then you can tap on the “Erase all Content and Settings” to reset your device entirely. Confirm your choice and reset your device.

reset iphone

10. Use dr.fone - Repair

If you don’t want to cause any unwanted damage to your device or lose your data, then you should simply take the assistance of dr.fone - Repair. It can fix all the iPhone sound problems, no sound on iPhone video, iPhone no sound on calls, and more in no time. Compatible with every leading iOS version, it features an advanced operation, which can fix every major iOS-related problem without any data loss. A part of the dr.fone toolkit, it has a user-friendly interface as well, which will make the process a seamless one for you.

For details about how to fix iPhone sound not working problems, refer to the guide on fixing iPhone with dr.fone - Repair.

fix sound not working of iphone

In this way, you would certainly be able to fix iPhone 6s sound not working or similar problems related to other generations of iPhone. We recommend using dr.fone - Repair to fix sound not working on iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and other devices. It is a highly advanced and secure tool that will resolve the iPhone sound not working problem without losing your data.

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