Ultimate iPhone Wi-Fi Problems and Troubleshooting

Not being able to connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi can be frustrating for several reasons, most notably you have a monthly cellular data limit or aren’t able to enjoy a smooth streaming experience. Each new iOS update brings to the table a plethora of updates and improvements, but unfortunately a few issues as well including iPhone Wi-Fi problems. Good news is that in most cases, fixing the iphone dropping wifi issue is just a matter of performing a few troubleshooting steps, but in other instances more advanced solutions may be required.

iphone wifi problems

However, before you start exploring any of the iphone wifi problem troubleshooting steps listed below, it is wise to ensure that the problem is with your iPhone and not with your Wi-Fi Router, so check to see if other devices are connecting. If you’re Wi-Fi network is working great with other devices, here are a few common situations where your iPhone Wi-Fi connectivity may disappoint and solutions to each.  

Part 1: iPhone not connecting to Wi-Fi

If your iPhone is turned on, but isn’t connecting to Wi-Fi, the easiest and first thing to do is turn your device off along with the router and turn them back on. To do this on your iphone:

1. Press and hold the power button until the Slide to Power Off message is displayed. Slide across the screen until your phone turns off. Next, hold down the power button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

2. The method to power your Wi-Fi router off and on could vary across models, but what works for all is to simply unplug the power cable from the wall outlet and plug in back in again.

After your router restarts, try connecting your phone once again to see if there was any firmware issue with your router. Most if not all routers do not respond to a wireless network connection if the software or firmware isn’t updated, so you may want to check if there is a software update available.

1. Forget Wi-Fi Network and Rejoin

If you’re still facing an iphone wifi problem, you may want to forget the Wi-Fi network and then reconnect. Take note that in order to forget a Wi-Fi network, you should’ve had an active connection to it previously otherwise it won’t appear in the list of devices to forget. To forget the Wi-Fi network you’re trying to connect to, open up the settings app on your iPhone, then Wi-Fi and lastly forget network beside the network. Once the Wi-Fi network is gone from the list, go back to settings and then Wi-Fi and try connecting to the wireless network again.

forget wifi network to fix iphpne wifi not connecting

2. Reset Network Settings to Fix iPhone Wifi Problem

Resetting the network settings on your iPhone gets rid of all the data such as passwords from all network connections including Bluetooth. Further, performing this step clears the DHCP settings and flushes caches, so you basically start off with a clean slate. Resetting the network settings is done by going to settings app, general, reset and then tap on reset network settings.

reset network settings to fix iphone wifi problem

3. Disable VPN on iPhone

Disabling any connected VPN services can sometimes help resolve the Wi-Fi issue on your iPhone. So if you have a VPN app running, try and disable it and see if it resolves your iphone 6s wifi problem.

disable vpn to fix iphone wifi not connecting

Part 2: iPhone keeps Disconnecting to Wi-Fi

If your iPhone connects to wireless network, but you aren’t getting a stable connection meaning it keeps disconnecting, you should first toggle you router of an on in an attempt to refreshing your connection. While you’re waiting for your router to turn back on, you may want to open settings on your iPhone and switch the Wi-Fi off, wait a few seconds and turn it back on again, so you get a clean connection both ways. Once your iPhone is connected to the router, and if the problem still persists, you may want to try any of the below solutions.

  • 1. Reset network settings as described in part 1
  • 2. Forget Network settings as described in part 1
  • 3. Disable VPN as described in part 1 

1. Disable iPhone Wi-Fi Networking Services

Apart from the solutions mentioned above, you can try disabling iPhone Wi-Fi networking services. This can be done from the settings menu, then choosing privacy, location services and system services. Take note that this will Not disable your Wi-Fi entirely, but only the location being used for Wi-Fi Networking.

disable wifi service to fix iphone wifi problems

2. Set Custom DNS

Sometimes you may have issues with your ISPs DNS servers, for which you can switch to Google DNS or OpenDNS. To do this, you will:

  • 1. Open up settings open settings on your iPhone and tap Wi-Fi.
  • 2. Tap the I icon next to the Wi-Fi network you want to change the DNS settings for.
  • 3. Lastly, erase the current DNS servers and replace the fields with the ones you prefer.

set custom dns to fix iphone wifi problems

Part 3: iPhone connects to Wi-Fi but no Internet

If you’re iPhone wifi problem is that it shows connected, but you aren’t able to access the internet, you should first try the following:

  • 1. Restart phone and router
  • 2. Forget network and rejoin
  • 3. Reset network settings
  • 4. Check if you can access the internet when connected to another Wi-Fi network

iphone no internet

If this iphone 6s wifi problem still persists, then you might want to consider implementing Apple’s recommended settings for Wi-Fi routers and access points. Before you get started, you should ensure that:

  • 1. Your Wireless router’s firmware is up to date
  • 2. Ensure that your wireless router supports the Apple’s settings
  • 3. Back up your router’s settings if possible
  • 4. Configure all wireless routers on the same networks with the same settings
  • 5. For dual band routers, configure both bands with the same settings

Part 4: iPhone Wi-Fi is Slow

Although this issue can happen with any cellular device, it is generally seen as a iphone 6s wifi problem. Before you get to fix this iPhone wifi problem, it makes sense to perform a speed test on your wireless network to ensure this is isn’t an issue with your ISP. If it is what it should be, then perform the following:

  • 1. Restart your router and iPhone
  • 2. Reset network settings
  • 3. Check your speed with another device connected to the wireless network to ensure it is indeed an issue with your iPhone

If the aforementioned solutions do not work, you can try:

Disabling your proxy-based Adblocker such as Weblock if enabled

disable content blocker to fix iphone wifi slow

  • 1. To get started, open up the settings app on your iPhone, then tap Safari and then content blockers.
  • 2. Next, turn of the blocker that’s enabled by toggling the button to off.
  • 3. Now connect you iPhone to the wireless network and check if your internet speed is still slow.

Part 5: iPhone Wi-Fi won't Turn On

You may notice your iPhone icon is grayed out or dim, meaning that it won’t turn on. There are several solutions to this iphone 6s wifi problem, but make sure that you try turning your Wi-Fi on after you give each a shot.

fix iphone wifi not turn on

1. Ensure that you have the latest version of iOS installed.

2. Reset all network settings, which also entails entering Wi-Fi network details into your iPhone again.

3. Check to see if your Wi-Fi antenna is damaged—this can be done by pointing a flashlight down the headphone jack of your iPhone to see if any debris or dust is present. If there is, grab a soft, dry toothbrush or anti-static brush and remove the gunk. You should now be able to see a white dot at the bottom of the headphone jack, which is red in most cases means that your Wi-Fi antenna is damaged. You should however contact Apple support for professional technical assistance.

4. Reset network settings

5. Forget Wi-Fi network

Wi-Fi technical issues can occur with just about any cell phone including all models of iPhones. If you do notice your iphone 6 wifi not working, you should before all things restart your iPhone and router in order to get a fresh connection. Next, you should try and connect another device to the respective wireless network to see if it works well, and try connecting your iPhone with another Wi-Fi network to determine whether it is a problem with your device or the wireless network itself. Once you determine that it is indeed an iphone 6s wifi problem, trying one or more solutions mentioned in this article should help you fix the issue.

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