How Do I Fix iTunes Error 29 When Restoring iPhone?

This is going to be a very useful article for all users who face iPhone error 29. iTunes is the next most important name that comes to your mind when we talk about iPhone. iTunes Error 29 for Apple devices is one of the most common errors that a user faces while restoring or updating iPhone. There are several reasons that may cause the issue. Whatever may be the reason, you need to seek an effective solution to fix iPhone could not be restored error 29 annoying on your device. This is how it looks.

iphone error 29

Part 1: Possible causes of iTunes error 29

Every single user would agree that the iPhone, which happens to be the most amazing smartphone, is also the most reliable one. The credit can be awarded to the rigorous control on the quality during the manufacturing of the devices - the decision of creating all components by itself! But a machine is bound to misbehave sometimes, so is an iPhone. That is the reason why sometimes the iPhone error 29 occurs.

If you are also an iPhone user and you have faced some failure in the normal working of the device, then you can count on the following factors that have led to such misbehavior. You might get an Error 29 on apple device as a message, otherwise known as iTunes Error 29. The reasons are:

  • 1. Certain changes in the hardware, such as battery replacement
  • 2. A failed OS update
  • 3. Issues with the anti-virus or antimalware applications
  • 4. iTunes issues
  • 5. Software bugs

Now that we have told you the problems, we shall also tell you the solutions to your problems! In the coming section of the article, we shall deal with the 5 basic solutions which can be used to solve the iPhone could not be restored error 29 issue:

Part 2: 5 Basic Solutions to fix iTunes Error 29:

In this section, we shall introduce you to the basic methods of fixing the iTunes error. Here we go:

1. Replace iPhone Battery

This is one of the most common solutions to the error 29 for Apple devices. A duplicate battery or a battery which has been installed incorrectly can lead to iTunes error 27. The original iPhone battery is undoubtedly expensive than the duplicate one, but just to save a few bucks you don’t want to end up facing this annoying error, right?

So, instead of applying a duplicate battery, install an original battery to get rid of iTunes Error 29

replace iphone battery to fix iphone error 29

2. Update or Disable Anti-Virus Software

It is paramount to keeping your anti-virus software up to date on your computer. This can never be ignored as an outdated antivirus means you are extremely susceptible to viruses and other threats. Not only this, out-dated antivirus software can also lead to iTunes error 29 while you restore or update your iPhone with iTunes. Updating your antivirus software is easy. Just open your antivirus software to check for update or go to the official website to download the latest version.

Otherwise, you can disable the antivirus software on your computer before you restore or update iPhone with iTunes.

disable antivirus to fix iphone error 29

3. Update your Operating System

Don’t you think there is a reason why you often receive notifications for updating your software? Despite that the users neglect the notification and do not keep their operating systems up to date as they don’t realize that the older versions of iOS may not be able to handle the updated software updates, thus leading to Error 29. So it is clearly a mistake if you are not having an updated OS.

update iphone software to fix iphone error 29

4. Update iTunes to Fix iTunes Error 29

Ironically, iTunes itself can be a major reason for iPhone could not be restored error 29. The main point is that the computer should also have the most updated version of iTunes. So, first of all, you must update the iTunes to the latest version on your computer, and then you can update the same on your iPhone also. But this process is a little time-consuming.

update itunes to fix iphone error 29

5. Factory Reset iPhone

This is also an effective way of fixing the iPhone could not be restored error 29, but this deletes all the data from the iPhone. So it is advised that you create a backup of your data before starting the reset process. Just go to Settings > General > Reset and select Erase All Content and Settings on your iPhone.

factory reset iphone to fix iphone error 29

Part 3: Ultimate Solution to Fix iTunes Error 29 Without Data Loss

We are glad to present to you dr.fone - Repair solution - the simplest and an effective way to fix iTunes error 29 problems. Most outstandingly, this error can be fixed without any loss of data using this tool. This excellent tool from dr.fone keeps it extremely easy for restoring the Apple iPhones/iPads to their usual operating condition. This effectively fixes the various errors including iPhone error 29 or Error 29 for Apple devices.

Apart from solving the system issues, dr.fone - Repair also updates the OS of system updated as per latest version. Not only this, your device will get reinstated after working with the dr.fone - Repair.

dr.fone - Repair

Fix iPhone system error without data loss.

  • Only fix your iOS to normal, no data loss at all.
  • Fix various iOS system issues, such as iPhone stuck in recovery mode, white Apple logo, black screen, looping on start, etc.
  • Fixes other iPhone error and iTunes errors, such as iTunes error 4013, iPhone error 14, iTunes error 27, iTunes error 9 and more.
  • Works for all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • Fully compatible with the latest iOS 11.
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Steps to resolve iPhone error 29 without data loss using dr.fone.

1. Step 1: Download and install dr.fone – Repair for all your iPhone issues. Select the "Repair" option from the main window of your computer.

fix iphone error 29 with dr.fone

Step 2: Now connect your device to the system using the USB cable. Push the “Start” option.

connect iphone to computer

Step 3: The new window appears to enter the details of the iPhone such as version, model etc. You have to download the firm package to fix the iPhone error 29. Download latest iOS version after dr.fone detects it.

select iphone firmware

Step 4: Once the iOS gets updated/downloaded, dr.fone will start repairing the OS. The device will restore to the normal state after restarting the device.

fix now

Note: This entire process does not take a lot more than 10 minutes.

iphone error 29 fixing complete

Step 5: So it is pretty clear that our dear friend dr.fone - Repair is extremely user-friendly and quite easy. This wonderful tool is absolutely automatic; it just needs your intervention in downloading the latest iOS version. After you have done this, all you get is the latest iOS, and your device is free from error and it is completely protected just as it was!

Hence we can say that dr.fone is undoubtedly the most dependable way to solve your iPhone could not be restored Error 29 and its amazing user-friendliness makes it the favorite among the iPhone users globally. Apart from resolving the error 29 issues, the dr.fone - Repair can fix the variety of other Operating System related problems in your iPhone any other iOS devices. So just go ahead and download your copy now!

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