5 Solutions to Fix iTunes Error 3014 While Restoring/Updating iPhone

itunes error 3014

iOS is one of the few operating systems that get’s updated often, and that’s a good thing, both for you and your device. But since nothing is perfect, updating your OS or iTunes could result in errors cropping up along the way, most notably the iTunes error 3014.

If you’re wondering what causes an error 3014, quite briefly and honestly—there is no one single answer, but rather could be due to several reasons including virus or malware infection, corrupted iTunes-related files in the Windows registry, corrupted or incomplete iTunes installation, or a few program files may be accidently deleted by another program.

On a brighter note, this issue can be solved with any one of the 5 error 3014 iTunes solutions highlighted below.

Before we delve into the solutions for error 3014, it helps knowing a few symptoms of the issue, so there’s no surprises when you witness it.

Symptoms of Error 3014

  • iTunes Error 3014” is displayed
  • Your PC frequently crashes with the iPhone error 3014
  • Windows latency and slow response times
  • Computer periodically freezes
  • Error 3014 appears and crashes the running program window

Fix iTunes error 3014 without Data Loss

Great chances are that your device serves as a storage hub for all the panoramic vistas from your last few vacations or even those priceless photos you took at your school reunion a couple days ago. And let’s not forget the contacts and emails, which can be a daunting task to recover. So what’s important is to try and fix the error 3014 iPhone 6, without losing an inch of data.

And the proven and highly recommended way to go about it is with dr.fone - Repair. This comprehensive data recovery solution is able to recover your data such as Safari bookmarks, messages, WhatsApp history, call history in different ways, so if you’ve lost or have fear of losing any of the above types of data, dr.fone can be of great help.

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Fix iTunes Error 3014 Without Data Loss

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Using this software to fix iTunes error 3014 is easy. See the guide of repairing iOS to find how to fix iTunes error 3014 in a few simple steps.

Update iTunes to fix iTunes/iPhone error 3014

You should really already have the latest and updated version on iTunes installed, and if not, could be the cause of the error 3014 iphone 6 issue. Updating iTunes is literally a no-brainer, where you simply open the program, and choose Help and check for Updates from the menu bar. Follow the prompts and you will have access to the latest version momentarily.

update itunes to fix error 3014

Check the Time & Date on your PC

Not having the right time and date on your PC could very well cause a conflict with the Apple servers, and consequently display the error 3014 popup. The time and date could be wrong for several reasons, most notably automatic time zone updates, but here’s how to solve it for both MAC and Windows.

Time zone settings on Windows

sync time on windows

Time zone settings on Mac

sync time on mac

Check the Hosts Files

This solution for error 3014 iTunes may seem a bit complex for non-techies, but it truly isn’t. To begin, you will need to open your hosts file, and here’s how to go about it.

Step 1. Open Notepad, navigate to file and click open from the dropdown menu. The hot file is located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc, so this is the address you will enter in the field. Here’s a sample of what it should look like.

hosts file for fixing error 3014

Note: You may have to select all files from format dropdown menu located at the very bottom in order to select the desired file.

Step 2. This step should only be performed if you have the SHSH blob (small piece of data) saved on Cydia (package manager app) or similar program. If not, skip this step and move on to Step 3.

Once you have the hosts file open, add this line “ gs.apple.com” to the very bottom, and then save the hosts file with the file added and then open Apple Support from your browser. It should open the Cydia website.

set hosts file to fix error 3014

Step 3. If you do not have the SHSH blobs stored on the Saunk or Cydia server, locate the following to files in the host server and delete them:

  • gs.apple.com
  • gs.apple.com

Step 4. After you remove the above two files, save the hosts file and open the Apple Support site.

Update your PC Operating System

If any of the 4 - iphone error 3014 solutions mentioned above do not work, there’s one last one in the hat. Just like having the latest version of iTunes installed, you should also ensure your operating system is up to date whether Windows or OS X. Older versions especially Windows are not compatible with newer versions of iTunes, and this incompatibility may cause the error 3014. Updating your OS will in most cases not only solve the iphone error 3014, but will also take care of other underlying issues.

There you go—you’ve got a error 3014 window staring boldly at you from the screen, but little does it know that you’ve got not 1 but 5 ways to resolve it.

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