4 Solutions to fix iTunes Error 3194 Successfully

Restoring your iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone can resolve various issues.

Unfortunately, you can experience other issues even after restoring your gadgets with iTunes. At one point, you might have received a message that reads, ‘’This device can’t be restored Error XXX.’’ Different restore errors in iTunes mean different things. One of the most common errors is Error 3194.

This primer will not only help you know what the error is all about, but also the different ways to fix it.

The iTunes Error 3194 or iPhone Error 3194 refers to the lack of communication between Apple’s update servers and the program (iTunes).

When you experience this error, is simply means that Apple is checking the firmware of your device to verify whether it’s ‘unsigned’ or ‘signed.’ If it’s not ‘signed’ or approved, then you’ll run into the issue.

What might cause iTunes/iPhone error 3194?

iTunes error 3194 displayed

Normally, there are two main causes of Error 3194. They are:

1. When you’ve jailbroken your iOS gadget that modifies the host file, particularly the server IP address responsible for updates

2. When you’ve been using an expired firmware via downgrading

Of great importance is note that Apple isn’t interested in dealing with jailbroken products. Consequently, the company doesn’t offer any solution in such cases. Fortunately, solutions are available for this problem.

Solution 1: Add new IP address to fix iTunes error 3194 or Edit your host file to fix iTunes error 3194

This strategy is the best if you are experiencing the error while trying to update your firmware.

Here’s how to fix iTunes error 3194 by checking and editing your host files:

Step #1 – Close iTunes in your Windows/MAC computer

Step #2 - Open the hosts file with administrative rights

• For Mac: Follow this path: /ect/hosts

hosts file on mac

• For Windows: Follow this path: c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

hosts file position in windows

Step #3 – Locate this entry gs.apple.com. It directs the process of signature verification to the Cydia servers. The error is because of the lack or presence of this redirection.

Do the following:

• Can you locate gs.apple.com at the bottom part of your file? If yes, add # to the front

last line in hosts file

• If you can’t locate the line, add gs.apple.com to the host’s file bottom part

After you’re done, save the hosts file. Try updating your device via iTunes. If you did everything as directed, you shouldn’t experience the error.

Solution 2: Fix iTunes/iPhone error 3194 with dr.fone without data loss

Fixing Error 3194 with dr.fone is perhaps one of the most effective methods of handling the issue. This strategy is not only easy but also doesn’t take much of your time. dr.fone recovery system features efficient solutions of fixing this error without data loss.

For details about how to fix iTunes Error 3194 with dr.fone, see the steps to repair iOS.

Solution 3: Fix iTunes/iPhone error 3194 with TinyUmbrella

TinyUmbrellla is a tiny software, which many users of Apple products already know of. At times, it might be part of the problem you’re experiencing. Nevertheless, in some instances, it can work brilliantly for an update as well. This is especially true if you had jailbroken your iPhone but it was not restored to factory settings.

Here’s how to fix the error with TinyUmbrella:

• Step #1 – Download the firmware that you desire to downgrade/upgrade your iPhone to.

• Step #2 – Download TinyUmbrella

screen of tiny umbrella

• Step #3 – Connect your phone to computer. Close iTunes if it automatically pops open

connect iphone to computer

• Step #4 – Open the TinyUmbrella app. After that, click on ‘Start TSS Server.’

start tss server

• Step #5 – Put the phone in DFU. Connect the device with a computer via the lighting cable. Next, open iTunes. After that, switch off the gadget by long pressing the power/sleep button. Hold the home and power button for ten seconds then release the power button only. Doing that will start the DFU. When done, continuously hold the home button until iTunes shows this message in your device, ‘’your device is currently in recovery mode.’’

• Step #6 – Are you updating your firmware? If yes, then click Option + Restore (Mac) or Shift + Restore (Win) then point it into the iOS ipsw file that you had downloaded in step 1.

iOS ipsw file

iTunes should restore it to the right iOS firmware that you pointed to and then update your device to it.

Solution 4: Fix iTunes/iPhone error 3194 by factory reset

Still running into the stubborn and annoying Error 3134? If yes, then taking a different approach is perhaps the prudent thing to do. You need to fix the error by factory resetting your device. The method utilizes iCloud to erase the overall data and firmware in your device to refresh it. It’s important to back-up everything in your gadget through iTunes or iCloud. After backing up your stuff, here’s what you need to do:

Step #1 - Visit the iCloud website and then log in.

sign in to icloud

Step #2 – Click on ‘Find my iPhone’ tab. A map containing all your registered iOS should pop up.

Step #3 – Proceed to ‘All Devices’ and locate the device you desire to restore.

Step #4 – Select ‘Erase’ to begin the process. Once the process finishes, your device should factory reset its settings.

Step #5 – Once everything has completed, you’ll be able to retrieve the backup. If you so desire, you might have your device entirely out-of-the-box.

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