Full Solutions to Fix Error 4013 Without Data Loss

Regarding the Apple’s simplicity and quality in manufacturing, the latest and the greatest smartphone operating system that one can ever own would be an iPhone. Starting downright from battery life to the intelligent assistant, iPhone is all the more appealing than any other smartphone out there.

However, the common problems any iPhone user come across is an ERROR. Many of the iOS users would face this situation while using their device. iTunes being the Apple’s popular software is used in a multitude of actions. While doing so, problems may arise. In particular, a common bug, error 4013 occurs when the users are trying to restore iPhone using iTunes and hence, error 4013 is also called as iTunes error 4013.

Part 1: Five Basic Tips to fix iTunes/iPhone error 4013

The common scenario whenever the iPhone displays error would be as shown below.

“The iPhone [device name] could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (4013)”

itunes error 4013

Here are the 5 basic tips that might come in handy to fix the iPhone error 4013 without having to opt for drastic measures and before the bug is persistent and has to be removed by an alternate method. Read on to find out how to fix this error 4013 using simple tricks.

1. Change the USB Cable:

iphone cable

Make sure you use an Apple USB Port. The error can very much be hardware related such as a faulty cable. It might seem that there is no loss of connection between the iOS and the PC/laptop, however, there might be an internal problem within the cable that hinders the transfer of data. Hence, it is best to use a different USB Port and try again.

2. Update iTunes:

Since the error 4013 is mainly during the restoration of iPhone using iTunes, it may as well be that the iTunes used is not of the latest version. Therefore, it is best to ‘Check for Updates’ and then update if there are any. If that is not the case, then move on to the next trial.

update itunes

3. Free Up iPhone Storage:

clear iphone storage

Since the error is transpiring while updating, the error might also occur if there isn’t enough space for an update. Check if the iPhone has enough space and if not then remove some apps or any junk files to accommodate some space for the update.

4. Reboot iPhone:

iTunes error can also be resolved by rebooting the iPhone. Disconnect the iPhone device from the computer and hold down the home button and sleep button for a span of 10 seconds. After the iPhone restarts, update the iTunes and then connect it to the system and try again. If the error still persists then try an alternate method such as the below one.

reboot iphone

5. Restart the Computer:

restart pc

If the error is not because of the iPhone device then there are fair chances that there is a problem with the computer it is connected. So, on a safe side, disconnect the device and then restart your computer. Once the system restarts, connect the device via a USB Cable and try again. There is also an option to trying it out with a different computer that is try to restore the device on another computer just in case the previous one is inadequate.

Even after engaging in a lot of trial and error methods if the attempts are futile, it is hard to diagnose where the issue exactly is. However, to fix the iPhone without the data loss, it is in the best interest to use a third-party software called dr.fone — iOS System Recovery.

Part 2: How to fix iTunes/iPhones error with dr.fone easily?

Unlike the unreliable software out there, dr.fone is a trusted and universally hailed as one of the recommended software to fix the iPhone error. Just follow the below step by step procedure to give it a try.

Step 1: Download the software – dr.fone and then launch it. From the dr.fone Main Window, choose ‘Repair’.

main window of dr.fone

Step 2: Connect your device (iPhone) to your computer via a USB cable. Once the system detects the device, hit on ‘Start’ button to continue.

start to repair

dr.fone - Repair will promot you to boot your iPhone in DFU mode. You need to follow the instructions based on your model.

Step 3: The software program – dr.fone will identify the concerned iOS device and iOS version, and will mechanically distinguish the newest firmware. Click on the ‘Download.’ and wait.

download proper firmware

It will take some time for the process depending on the internet speed.

firmware downloading

Step 4: Once the download is complete, click 'Fix Now'.

confirm to fix iOS

The process takes not more than 10 minutes of time.

repair complete

Step 5: The device is fixed when the message “Repair of the operating system is complete” is displayed.

The whole process is simple and the error iPhone/iTunes 4013 will be fixed. Once the repair is complete, press on ‘back’ and in case there are still mishaps remaining, try the ‘try again’ to ensure the good working of the device.

The device gets back to its normal state within a span of few minutes and the device is as good as new. At the end, this software is really helpful to repair almost any kind of error that transpires in the iPhone by saving time as well as working efficiently and instantly.

Part 3: How to fix iTunes/iPhones error by factory reset?

Apart from many techniques of fixing the error 4013, one can even opt for Factory Reset to evade the error. Below here is the list of steps to be followed to set right the iPhone/iTunes error 4013.

Factory Reset iPhone settings:

Before diving into the procedure, to prevent the data loss, backup iPhone data before you reset your iPhone setting. After backing up the iPhone data, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to " Settings” and click on “General” as shown in the picture below.

Step 2: Choose the option "Reset"

reset iphone

Step 3: Later choose the option saying, "Erase All Content and Settings".

Step 4: Enter the passcode under “Enter your passcode”.

erase all settings

Step 5. Tap on "Erase iPhone"

erase iphone

One can easily fix the error 4013 via factory reset. The iPhone device is as good as new and running excellently.

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