Full Guide to Fixing iTunes/iPhone Error 50

Are you getting an iTunes error 50 and can’t access the iTunes store? Don’t worry – getting the iPhone error 50 is pretty common. Lately, it has been discovered that out of all the recent iPhone generations, iPhone 5s error 50 is more prominent. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter what generation of device you are using, you can fix iTunes error 50 without facing any unwanted setback. In this post, we will make you familiar with several fixes to iPhone error 50.

Part 1: What is iTunes error 50?

The iTunes error 50 is also known as the iTunes syncing error. It usually happens when iTunes is not able to access its database. This doesn’t allow users to access their music, photos, videos, and other media contents via iTunes. Whenever they try to access their iTunes data, they get a prompt like this.

There could be several reasons for getting the iPhone 5s error 50. Some of them could be:

  • • The internet connection you are using is not stable
  • • Some firewall settings also prevent iTunes from functioning properly
  • • The presence of an anti-virus tool can cause iPhone error 50
  • • If your device is running on an unstable version of iOS
  • • If the version of iTunes you are using is not updated

itunes syncing error 50

Part 2: How to fix iTunes/iPhone error 50 without data loss?

No matter what caused the iTunes error 50, the good news is that it can be resolved in an effortless manner. The dr.fone - Repair can help you fix your device without causing any unwanted data loss. It doesn’t matter if your device is not responding or if it has gotten a screen of death, dr.fone Repair has a perfect solution for every major iOS-related issue.

dr.fone - Repair

Fix iPhone/iTunes Error 50 without data loss.

  • Only fix your iOS to normal, no data loss at all.
  • Fix various iOS system issues, such as iPhone stuck in recovery mode, white Apple logo, black screen, looping on start, etc.
  • Fixes other iPhone error and iTunes errors, such as iTunes error 4013, iPhone error 14, iTunes error 27, iTunes error 9 and more.
  • Works for all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • Fully compatible with the latest iOS 11.
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Compatible with every leading version of iOS, the tool has an easy to use interface that will help you fix the iPhone 5s error 50. All you need to do is follow these steps:

Step 1: Connect your iOS device

Download dr.fone on your Mac or Windows computer. Afterward, launch it and select “Repair” from its main screen.

fix iphone error 50 with dr.fone

Now, connect your iPhone to the system and wait for a few seconds as it would be detected automatically. You can click on the “Start” button to initiate the process.

connect iphone to computer

Step 2: Booting your iPhone in DFU mode

If you are getting the iPhone 5s error 50, then you need to boot your device in the DFU mode. The technique would depend on the generation of device you own.

For iPhone 7 and newer devices, the Power and Volume Down button should be pressed at the same time. Keep pressing both the buttons for the next ten seconds. Let go of the Power button while holding the Volume Down button till your device enters the DFU mode.

boot iphone 7 in dfu mode

For iPhone 6s and older devices, you need to press the Power and the Home button at the same time. After 10 seconds, let go of the Power button while still holding the Home button.

boot iphone 6 in dfu mode

Step 3: Download the firmware update

Once your device enters the DFU mode, you will get the following window. Just enter some details related to your iOS device and click on the “Download” button to get its firmware update.

select iphone information to download firmware

Sit back and relax as it might take a few minutes for the firmware update to be downloaded completely.

download iphone firmware

Step 4: Fix your iOS device

That’s it! Now you can just resolve the iPhone error 50 by clicking on the “Fix Now” button.

click fix now to fix iphone error 50

This will initiate the process and resolve any other issue related to your device as well while retaining its data. In the end, you will get the following screen and your iPhone would be restarted.

iphone error 50 fixed

Part 3: 6 Tips to fix iTunes error 50 freely

By using dr.fone Repair (System Recovery) you would be able to fix iTunes error 50 without any data loss. Though, you can also give these other solutions a try as well.

1. Update iTunes to fix iTunes error 50

A lot of times, iTunes error 50 occurs when we try to sync the latest iPhone with an outdated version of iTunes. To fix this problem, you can just update your iTunes. Windows users can launch iTunes and go to Help > Check for Updates to do it. If you have a Mac, then just click on the iTunes menu to get the “Check for Updates” option.

update itunes to fix itunes error 50

2. Reinstall iTunes

If you are still getting the iPhone 5s error 50 after updating iTunes, then you can also choose to reinstall it. Just go to your system’s Control Panel > Programs and uninstall iTunes service. Afterwards, restart your system and go to iTunes website right here to download the installer. Launch it and follow the on-screen instructions to install iTunes again.

reinstall itunes to fix itunes error 50

3. Check firewall settings

As you might already know, the advanced firewall settings on your system can also cause the iTunes error 50. Just launch the Firewall settings and make sure the connections related to iTunes are allowed.

change firewall settings to fix iphone error 50

4. Uninstall the antivirus tool

Too many times, users install advanced antivirus tool to add another layer of security on their system. If you are getting an iPhone error 50, then we recommend uninstalling the antivirus software and restarting the system.

5. Update your iOS device

Sometimes, an unstable version of iOS can also cause this problem. To resolve this, go to your device’s Settings > General > Software Update and view the available update. Click on the “Download and Install” button to get it.

update iphone software to fix iphone error 50

6. Restore iPhone (by removing its SIM)

This is one of the best solutions to fix iTunes error 50 for free. Though, it will restore the device by getting rid of your stored content. To do this, eject the SIM card on your device before connecting it to the system. Afterward, launch iTunes, select the connected device, and go to its Summary page. From here, you can restore it.

restore iphone to fix iphone error 50

By following this tutorial, you would certainly be able to fix iTunes error 50. If you don’t want to lose your data or get unexpected results while resolving the iPhone error 50, then simply give dr.fone - Repair a try. It is an excellent tool and will certainly help you make the most of your iOS device.

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