Things You Can't Ignore When Transferring Data to Samsung S9

Keeping yourself aware about every nook and corner of technology is an art. That makes you one of the most powerful people amongst others. The same thing applies to mobile technology, here equipping yourself with all the relevant information about the transfer of data process while moving from old to new S9 phone will make your mobile experience better and more optimized. In fact, going through detailed information will not only let you go off the track, but keep on adding important information that will enable you to make the transfer of data quite smooth and without any hurdle.

Let’s start the journey of understanding the process of how to transfer data to S9.

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Part 1: Requirements of transferring data to new S9

Talking about performance, Display Capacity, Storage, Graphics, Processor, Resolution, and Expandable Memory etc is endless. Actually, the advancement of technology and various inbuilt features made the Galaxy S9 an all-time favorite choice to the users.

So, if you are one of its new owners and wondering what are the requirements for transferring data to new S9, then here comes the list:

a. Internet Connection

b. USB connection to connect old and new device

c. Software Configuration.

d. Software Package capable of transferring the whole list of data.

e. If using desktop software then need PC.

f. Updated device software to the latest version.

If you are a little more curious to know what lead us to go for transfer data to S9, then the obvious reasons are:

a. Advanced technology with new features.

b. More space to hold all of your data such as contacts, media, emails, notes etc.

c. Easy to use with better grabbing and new enticing look.

d. Better power backup and wireless charging facility.

Part 2: Considerations on Switching to Samsung S9

If you want to go for a deeper knowledge about S9, then there are a number of factors that need a real consideration over such as contacts, messages, data etc. Here we are covering all related details that you must go through to understand your S9 device so that you would be able to better perform transfer data to S9. Let us start one by one:

Considerations on Switching to Samsung S9

A: Contacts- While moving to the new device, the first thing that came into the mind is the saved contacts list. So, all contacts need to be transferred to the new S9 to enable get access to all relatives and friends.

B: Messages- Some messages are quite important that cannot afford to lose as well all Messages need to be synced so that in future you will not miss those upcoming messages from saved contacts.

C: App data- Some files can't be missing during the switch process such as App data as well as important documents which we kept safe on the old device, so it is the time to get them transfer to new Samsung S9 to access them easily.

D: Mails- Our emails use to be the most important source of information, as it uses to contain all personal as well as professional emails. Also, various social accounts such as Facebook use to be linked to these email accounts. So, email account needs to be synchronized with new S9.

E: Calendar- Whether it is anniversary date, some important event, or business event, our Calendar uses to be the holder of all these important notes, that we need from time to time.

F: Photos, videos & music- Our valuable memories are captured and stored in terms of Photos and videos and thus are a must to transfer data to S9. Besides that how do we can ignore the favorite music track that is grouped, stored after a great search, and whoever not wish to listen to those adorable songs to the new S9 device.

G: Password- Password used to secure the data, apps, useful information and make us double ensured about protection. While switching from old phone to new one, it becomes quite urgent to make all saved password synced with new device successfully. As re-entering the same password, again and again, is quite cumbersome.

Part 3: How to Transfer to Galaxy S9 with dr.fone – Switch in Only 1 Click?

Now the time has arrived to let you know how safely and successfully you can switch data from old device to new Samsung S9 device. Well, it is all possible with the help of dr.fone - Switch. Once you go through it you will realize the difference between such professional data transfer kit than other. All the data switch process goes so easily that you will appreciate yourself about your decision to choose such a great tool. But first, we shall start with the step by step guide to transfer data to S9.

dr.fone - Switch

Transfer Data from Old Phone to Galaxy S9 in 1 Click Direcly!

  • Easily transfer every type of data from old phone to Galaxy S9 including apps, music, videos, photos, contacts, messages, apps data, call logs etc.
  • Works directly and transfer data between two cross operating system devices in real time.
  • Works perfectly with Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, Motorola, ZTE, Nokia and more smartphones and tablets.
  • Fully compatible with major providers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.
  • Fully compatible with iOS 11 and Android 8.0
  • Fully compatible with Windows 10 and Mac 10.13.
Available on: Windows Mac
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Step 1: Install and connect the device (Old device and New S9)

Launch the tool and from the main page select the Switch option

Now connect both the devices, they will appear as source and target destination device.

connect Old device and New S9

Step 2: Transfer the device data

After connection, list of data will appear just select the files/data you wish to transfer then press Start Transfer process

Transfer the device data to samsung s9

And finally in no time data gets transferred from the old device to S9.

Part 4: What must I do if I totally abandon the old phone?

a. Keep a complete backup of your device data

b. Terminate the cell network service by contacting network provider.

c. Remove apps and data stored with them.

d. Remove your SIM card and SD card.

e. Final check against device data such as media, contacts, documents, call log, downloads etc.

f. Be sure that the device is not going to the wrong hand.

g. Check the Search history and voicemails.

h. Check for Personal photos if saved in a separate folder.

i. Factory reset the device.

Essential Tools for the Purpose- dr.fone – Erase (Android)

dr.fone - Erase (Android)

Fully Erase Everything on old phone and Protect Your Privacy

  • Simple, click-through process.
  • Wipe your Android completely and permanently.
  • Erase photos, contacts, messages, call logs and all private data.
  • Supports all Android devices available in the market.
Available on: Windows
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Whether it is any kind of data that you want to get rid off in your Android device, the answer would be to use dr.fone – Erase (Android). That acts like a one stop solution to all deleting related issues with such a simple interface that can be accessed by any one.

Read more to know how to erase the old phone in details:

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Part 5: What should I do if I reserve it (old phone) as a backup?

a. Do not leave SIM on the old device, as after a period it becomes inactive.

b. Before switching create a backup of data and then transfer that.

c. Keep it password protected, to not let in others hand without your permission.

d. Remove third-party apps, as they might eat-up the information saved there.

e. If two-step authentication apps are there, then first disable them before switching.

f. Sign out of Social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter to ensure safety against online threats.

g. Transfer the data and contacts safely to avoid loss of data.

The ultimate solution to Backup and Restore is: dr.fone - Backup & Restore (Android)

dr.fone - Backup & Restore (Android)

Flexibly Backup and Restore Android Data

  • Selectively backup Android data to computer with one click.
  • Preview and restore backup to any Android devices.
  • Supports 8000+ Android devices.
  • There is no data lost during backup, export or restore.
Available on: Windows Mac
3981454 people have downloaded it

Whether you wish to backup or restore, the ultimate solution is none other than dr.fone – backup & restore that with its efficient technology will enable you to create a backup or restore any kind of data with additional preview functionality.

Read more to know how to back up the old phone:

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2. How to Restore Data from Backups to Your Android Phone?

At the end, just one thing is sufficient to say- "Transfer Successful". This made you enriched with all the worldly happiness that is attached to your device data that are bonded with great affection. Indeed, your device is a small world to you and keeping safe the information under this mobile world is our responsibility. So, clearing all doubts with the article about transfer data to S9 will enable you to enjoy every moment of life with joy using your new adorable Samsung S9 and its advanced feature-laden technology experience.

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dr.fone - Transfer (Android)

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dr.fone - Backup&Restore (Android)

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