15 Best Anime Torrent Sites & Must-Reads for Anime Lovers

Downloading anime from anime torrent websites allows you to get them free of cost. Apart from the cost factor, anime gets downloaded faster from a torrenting site in comparison to any traditional download method. As the torrenting sites follow peer-to-peer method for downloading torrent files, you get multiple sources for downloading a particular torrent file. Torrenting sites are easy to be located and can bring you more effective results. If you are looking for faster, and free of cost anime downloading, then anime bittorrents are yours go to places.

Tips before downloading anime from anime torrent sites

Though, the benefits of anime torrenting sites are lucrative, there are some drawbacks as well.

Even if it allows you fast downloading, your bandwidth may be affected with simultaneous uploading and downloading of files. In case your internet connection goes down, you won’t be able to download your favorite anime faster.

Moreover, with numbers of people downloading the same torrent file that you are seeding or leeching can view your IP publicly. It means, you run the threat of being exposed to your ISP or the copyright owners of the anime torrent. In such cases a VPN comes into your rescue.

A VPN ensures, your IP is completely masked from any potential danger online, be it a copyright issue or ISP penalty. The speed of downloading anime torrents become higher while your IP is encrypted and hidden. Using a VPN not only your IP is masked, but also protected from hacker or fraudulent attacks online. Anonymous torrent downloading within a secure network is possible, when you use a VPN service.

Video guide: Set up VPN on your PC without any hassle

15 best anime torrent sites to download anime

Now that you have learnt why anime torrent sites and VPN is essential for securely downloading your favorite anime series, how about knowing the right places to get them at the first place? Well, in this section we are going to feature the top 15 anime torrenting websites for your ease of use.

Anime Tosho

While planning to download anime torrent you can always rely on Anime Tosho. It is an online anime community with a huge group of loyal fans. They have plenty of seeders, which makes anime downloading faster. With a neat interface in English, which makes life simpler. Searching and downloading anime, TV shows, movies, eBooks is possible with this anime torrent.

anime torrent sites- Anime Tosho


This is a secret anime torrenting website community where you can’t register freely, rather you need invitation from the Babakt site team. The admin of the site takes your interview and then allow you to join the group. Once you are in, it is possible to share and download anime torrents from their vast library of torrents. It requires using IRC through the invite channel #babakt-invites and then type /join #babakt-invites for joining the group. Within sometime, you are invited for the interview to join the site.

anime torrent sites- Babakt

Shana Project

Speaking of anime torrent sites Shana Project comprises of a niche community where you can seed the downloaded torrents for some time. There is no limitation as how much you can download from Shana Project. From this anime torrenting site you can also download movies and TV shows alike. Automatic torrent download and tracking favorite torrents is possible, if you are a registered user of Shana Project.

anime torrent sites- Shana Project

Anime Torrents

Looking for best anime torrent sites, is sure to drive you towards Anime Torrents. This site has the recent hottest anime movies and TV shows for you. You get high-quality anime from this site that is presented in a categorically sorted manner. You can enjoy plenty of dubbed and subbed torrents from this site. With a huge fan following, it has many translations as there are plenty of seeders for each torrent. It results to faster anime download with a decent internet connection.

anime torrent sites- Anime Torrents


Among the anime torrent sites in 2018, AniRena is one amazing option with an intuitive interface. You don’t need to register for downloading anime torrents from this site. As soon as you browse the website, you are presented with a wide list of anime torrents which you can sort according to their size, name, leechers, number of total downloads and seeders. Apart from anime torrents, the site also contains Hentai, and comics, DVD/ISO, games etc.

anime torrent sites- AniRena

Anime Ultime

Searching for anime torrent websites, Anime Ultimate caught our attention as an effective solution. This French site is actually a torrent tracker crafted by torrent fans that allows you to be a part of the anime fan community for more content. From the home screen you can pick a wonderful collection of anime torrents that can be sorted effortlessly in different ways. Create an account and be part of it. Though, being a French site it translates content into English. As the site depends on Adobe Flash, your system memory may be heavily affected.

anime torrent sites -Anime Ultime

Anime Layer

Among the leading anime torrent websites, Anime Layer has won our heart with its unique interface. This Russian site has an amazingly crafted user interface featuring detailed information, screenshots, leechers and number of seeders about each torrent. So that you are well aware of the torrent file you are about to download. The only pain in the neck is you need to use a live-translate service as the site is in Russian.

anime torrent sites

Anime WorldBD

Anime WorldBD allows you to download legal anime torrents from the web. So, you don’t run the risk of downloading legally protected anime torrent and get penalized for it. Though the main menu is quite simple, the site goes haywire every now and then. You can find all the available anime torrents, TV shows titles, movies, and size specifications by browsing the ‘Index’ section under the ‘Categories’ page. Few of the torrents are directly downloadable for your convenience.

anime torrent sites- Anime WorldBD

Project GXS

Talking about the best anime torrent sites Project GXS serves as the apt online anime torrent repository. When you select a certain title, it pulls out a list of available torrent file options for you. They might be direct downloadable files or torrents and you can decide which one to get for your specific needs. This page titled indexing site for anime torrents lets you browse titles alphabetically and get the video links along with the file resolutions. For TV shows, you will be presented with the overview of that particular season and episode.

anime torrent sites- Project GXS


With 9Anime, you get the ultimate streaming service at hand. This anime bittorrents platform is apt for your mobile device, as you don’t download torrents but the direct files streamed on them for on the go anime watching. A grid represents available titles over a neatly crafted UI and all you need to do is tap on the anime link for picking the best quality to watch. The operation is simple as well, with just a ‘Play’ button the anime movies and TV shows get streamed on your mobile phone. Though, there are annoying Ads popping up with this site, you can skip them with a reliable ad-blocker.

anime torrent sites- 9Anime


When we talk about the best anime bittorrents, Nyaa is on the upper side always. Organized and indexed quality anime content is available with this website. As soon as you open this website, a list of torrents gets displayed on screen. You can organize the list by size, name, date, as well as by number of leechers and seeders. A quick overview will be shown to you, when you tap over any torrent. From here you can download the torrent file without creating any account or registering yourself.

anime torrent websites: Nyaa.si


Using HorribleSubs you can, not only download anime torrent but talk to other anime fans through IRC and comments. You can preview available torrents on this site and keep track of the upcoming movies and episodes by following the ‘Schedule’ page on this site. This anime site and community has a lot to offer to the anime lovers.

anime torrent websites: HorribleSubs


LimeTorrents is one of the most sought after anime torrent sites across the globe. With a huge fan base, it features a wide collection of anime content. You can find any popular anime TV show or anime movie within this site. Though the site is intuitive it has a rustic feel to it due to the design and UI color. When you want to download anime content, you need to use the own torrent client of this site for that matter.

anime torrent websites: LimeTorrents

The Pirate Bay

Now, coming to The Pirate Bay, we must tell you, it is not an anime torrent site, but a popular torrenting site for that matter. You can find anime torrents in the website and then download it. While you can get a wide variety of anime content on this site, it is advisable to know what exactly are you wailing to download. When you know the name of the file, it becomes easy and less time consuming to locate and download the file. This helps you obtain anime bittorrents after searching them from the huge list and then download them easily. Follow user comments before downloading any torrent file to protect your computer from malware and virus attacks.

top anime torrent websites: The Pirate Bay


When anime torrenting sites are discussed, TorrentZ2 can’t be ignored at all. This site scans a wide list of torrenting sites and offers you the exact list of torrent sites that contain your searched anime torrent name. Now, you can select one of them and proceed with the process. For torrents you can call TorrentZ2 their very own Google. If you fail to get your desired anime torrent, then you know where to look for it.

anime torrent websites: TorrentZ2

How to use torrents for anime download

Now that you have gone through the list of top 15 anime torrenting websites, we would like to introduce you to the detailed guide of finding and downloading anime torrents and then get the actual anime file from the downloaded torrents. We have segregated the guide for better understanding. Each of the guides explain a different aspect of anime torrent downloading.

Let’s search and then download your favorite anime torrent from the torrenting site –

  1. Select a good anime torrenting site at the first place and open it.
  2. Type the anime torrent you wish to download from the websites within the search box.
  3. download from anime torrent sites
  4. Now that a list is displayed with the relevant anime torrent name, pick the appropriate one by clicking it.
  5. After that you are taken to a new page and you need to click on the torrent file link there.
  6. As soon as the torrent download link shows up on screen, you need to hit it and wait. After a while, the file gets downloaded to your computer.
  7. download anime torrent to pc

Use a torrent downloader tool after downloading it –

  1. Go to the official website of your torrent downloader software and press the ‘Download’ button there. Wait until the software gets downloaded on your system.
  2. Now, you need to install the torrent downloader software on your computer and accomplish the process.
  3. install torrent downloader

Use the downloader tool now for downloading anime torrent files for free –

  1. After downloading the torrent downloader software in the previous guide, now you need to get the anime torrent on your computer. Assuming that you have uTorrent downloaded on your system, drag and drop the torrent file on to uTorrent interface, which you have downloaded in the very first guide of this section.
  2. After dropping the anime torrent file on uTorrent interface, uTorrent catches the details to download the specific anime file from the torrent file.
  3. download real anime using torrents

What if anime torrent sites are blocked in your country?

Around 28 countries block anime torrent websites at large. These countries are Australia, Argentina, Austria, China, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, India, Italy, France, Portugal, UK, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Singapore, Turkey, UAE, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Greece, Indonesia, Malaysia etc.

Though, these countries have blocked anime torrent sites, you can still access them using a VPN service. VPN can bypass regional restrictions and lets you access the blocked sites (be it anime torrenting sites or any other) by unblocking them. Moreover, it protects your IP from being caught by the ISP or other monitors.

Video guide: Set up VPN quickly to unblock anime torrent sites

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