20 Best Free Torrent Sites for Movies/Music/Game/eBook Downloads

While looking for the best free torrent sites for movies, music, eBooks and games, you might feel the task bit overwhelming. Worry not! We are here to ease off the stress by providing you a complete list of free torrent sites for your reference. It doesn’t matter what category of content you want to download using torrent.

We have carefully selected the most effective solutions, so that you don’t have to spend more time in finding the best free torrenting sites rather use them as you desire.

Keep Yourself Anonymous When Accessing Free Torrents

Torrenting sites let you download content for free and you must ensure to use a VPN to do it securely. Some torrent sites are being tracked by authorities and copyright owners, so it’s recommended to use VPN and hide your online footprint to prevent fine or being blocked.

VPN services keep your IP address hidden from the internet service provider, copyright owner and government authorities. They might possibly trace the torrenting sites being accessed by your computer. It might result in penalties or fines. When you use a VPN, you can safely browse the internet and access torrent sites as the IP is masked without raising an alarm.

Video tutorial: Easy process to setup VPN on computer

5 Best Free Torrent sites for Movie downloads

In this part of the article, we have picked the top 5 free torrent sites for downloading movies. Go through the list to explore more!

1. Zooqle

This is among the top free torrent sites catering with three million verified torrents to its clients across the globe. In spite of being under close observation the site kept on growing rapidly. For a considerable amount of time, the site has been featured among the top 10 torrenting sites. If you are keen on downloading torrent movies then this site is your go-to place. Apart from movies, it allows you to download eBooks, music, TV shows etc.

free movie torrent- Zooqle

2. Torrent Downloads

For free torrent searching of movies, you can go for Torrent Downloads. This site offers you Bollywood/Hollywood and regional movies downloads for free. This torrent indexing site has a large database consisting of approximately 16 million torrents. Apart from movies, TV shows, games, music, eBooks, and softwares can be downloaded using Torrent Downloads. This site has been banned in the United Kingdom.

free movie torrent - Torrent Downloads

3. YourBittorrent

Between the best free torrent sites YourBittorrent has a unique place of its own. You can not only download torrent movies but games, TV series, software, anime, music, and eBooks for you. With one million torrents to its credit the site is not open in Portugal and the UK.

free movie torrent- YourBittorrent

4. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a torrent search engine that combines multiple search engine results and display a large torrent database. The site has 61 million torrents, and most of them are movie torrents. The site also boasts games, applications, music and TV shows to name a few. Most of the popular genre of torrents are available at this site.

free movie torrent- Torrentz2

5. Bit Torrent Scene

If you want to download movie torrents, then Bit Torrent Scene is one of the apt options for you. Speak of downloading torrents for eBooks, games, software or TV series, this tool makes everything possible for you. It has multiple mirror URLs and IPs to cater to a large number of countries across the globe. There are approximately 5 million torrents in this site.

free movie torrent - Bit Torrent Scene

5 Best Free Torrent sites for Music downloads

Now that you have gone through the different free torrent websites for movie downloading, here comes the best free torrenting sites for downloading music. Get ahead and start downloading!

1. iDope

iDope is one among the top free torrent sites for music downloads. It not only has a database of 18 million torrents, but also contains numerous direct magnet links. The best part about this tool is, it is user-friendly and smoothly runs on mobile devices as well. Moreover, it not only downloads music, but also games, TV shows, movies etc. You can access iDope from anywhere the world.

free music torrent sites - iDope

2. Soundpark

With free bittorrent sites like Sound-park, you need to register yourself for accessing the full features of the site. Within the site, you can find music videos, top music of the day, week’s top, month’s top, new video, new music, month’s video, top albums etc. in different segments. You can access a wide range of music and music video torrents in Sound-part including numerous genres.

free music torrent sites - Soundpark

3. Rutracker.Org

It is one of the most popular music torrenting websites in Russia. Still the website undergoes copyright issues from the Russian authorities. A large chunk of music and torrent files can be downloaded using this website from the internet. Being a torrent indexing site, it has large numbers of international and local torrent files with it. Even Google translate pulls a considerable amount of content from it. Being blocked by the Russian authorities, only 10% drop in users has been reported for this site. Though, PC users remained almost same, mobile device users reduced using it.

free music torrent sites - Rutracker.Org

4. TorrentFunk

While talking about free music torrenting sites, TorrentFunk takes the forefront. It allows you to download music torrents with utmost success rate. Along with user reviews, you gain verified status when you play fair on their official website. The home page of the site has obscene images which forces it to be restricted from appearing on maximum search results.  Take utmost care while downloading music from the website, as someone might mistake you for checking the front page image content.

free music torrent sites - TorrentFunk

5. Torlock

Torlock being one of the best free torrent websites for music downloading, serves as a search engine and torrent indexing site as well. You can download games, eBooks, anime, applications etc. Apart from music torrents using this site. You can also download TV shows and movie torrents with it. If a user tracks down a fake torrent the site rewards him/her with $1 per torrent, so that the site remains clean. It has tremendous speed to download files boasting a list of 4 million torrents under the hood. In the UK, India, and Australia, Torlock has been banned.

free music torrent sites - Torlock

5 Best Free Torrent sites for Game downloads

Movies and music top 10 free torrenting sites have been covered in the previous segments of this article. So, now it calls for freetorrent sites that assists you in downloading those power packed amazing games. In this section, we have collated 5 top websites for downloading free games torrent sites for you.

1. 1337X

With 1337X, you can browse a large number of music, movies, TV shows, and games files. This software has an improvised user-interface for better experience. You can download your desired torrent files quickly, without much hassle.

best free game torrent - 1337X

2. YTS.ag

While searching for torrent game download sites, YTS.ag comes as a quick option. Apart from games, you can download software, music, movies, etc. without the help of any other torrent downloader. It comes with an attractive layout and contains a large variety of torrents from various genres. It is user-friendly and takes no time to understand how the interface functions to perform your desired task.

best free game torrent - YTS.ag

3. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay torrenting site helps you get games, music, movies, eBooks, software and TV shows on your computer without any hassle.  It happens to be among the most controversial torrenting site of the world. Around 28 countries have blocked this websites, in spite of being a reliable torrenting site. Majority of the torrents in this site comprise of TV shows and movies. It supports instant torrent download and has three million torrents within.

best free game torrent- The Pirate Bay

4. GazelleGames

GazellaGames is featured among the best torrent sites for free download of games using usenet, torrents etc. it can stream and DDL along with the said features. When you use a VPN along with this software, you can bypass anti-piracy, prevent site blocking and detection. You get to download and play a huge number of amazing games with this torrenting site. Being a closed group, it permits a restricted number of people to sign up and use it. Make sure not to provide personal data such as email IDs, trackers or request invites from anyone. Linux, Windows, Nintedo DS are the supported platforms for whom it has numerous games. The most popular games in this site are To The Moon, Call of Duty, and Grimoire.

best free game torrent - GazelleGames

5. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is an apt games torrent downloading tool. It has a huge library of links hosting a wide range of torrent files that you can easily download. Though, you can’t download them directly, you get the links over here. It’s advised to use a VPN connection to access this site, so that your online activities remain guarded. Be it games, music, movies, eBooks, software or anything else, LimeTorrent can manage it pretty well. There is no inappropriate content on this website, so that you can easily use it in front of your family. Even though the site is banned in several countries, through a VPN or a proxy site, you can access it without any fear.

best free game torrent- LimeTorrents

5 Best Free Torrent sites for eBook downloads

Well, now that all the top free torrents for music, movies and games have been discussed, how about exploring free torrents in Ebook torrenting? If you are a book lover and enjoy reading them on your digital devices, then these torrenting sites are the best bet for you.

1. ManyBooks

When you choose ManyBooks torrentiing site for downloading eBooks of your favorite genre, you get them for free. You can both read them online and download too. The interface is pretty neat and user friendly, along with easy navigations. It makes your reading a pleasurable experience online. So, for the most amazing eBook downloading needs, choosing ManyBooks would serve you good.

top free ebook torrents - ManyBooks

2. Free-ebooks.net

Free-ebooks is one of the best free bittorrent sites that allows you to get eBooks in PDF format. to have that real book like feeling, users appreciate this torrenting site to a great extent. Talking about the most popular genre of books, this site has technology, fiction, mystery, non-fiction, drama, youth and lot more. The only lacuna of this site is, you need to sign-up on this site for downloading any eBook torrent. Unless you are a registered member you have no right to download the eBook torrents from here.

top free ebook torrents- Free-ebooks.net

3. PDF Books World

While speaking of the most talked about eBook torrenting sites, this website has an amazing feature. This user-friendly torrenting site assists you in downloading various eBook torrents without much hassle. As it has eBooks in PDF format, the popularity of this site is more than other eBook torrenting sites. PDF files have always been a favorite for digital document readers. You can save the files or eBooks in PDF format. It makes downloading and reading the books an easy task altogether.

top free ebook torrents- PDF Books World

4. EBookShare

eBookShare is considered as a top-notch eBook torrenting site offering various eBooks to readers sfor free. You can read the description, to gather more information about your favorite eBook torrent including the title, author, subject etc. While picking this torrenting site, it is preferred to have a VPN connection so that there is nothing to spoil your eBook downloading or reading experience in the middle. The portal obeys DMCA notion religiously, which makes using a VPN a precautionary measure to prevent any mishaps.

top free ebook torrents- EBookShare

5. FreeBookSpot

FreeBookSpot is your go to place, when you are up for some quick eBook torrents to grab while making a dash out of the house or on the go for a relatively boring journey. A book is the best companion for readers and with FreeBookSpot, getting your favorite book for free is no longer a hassle. Searching for your preferred book is not tough, as the platform offers you doing that according to language, popular genre etc. This way, you save lot of time and brings you the exact eBook you are trying to download. The website has 90 different categories of eBooks to choose from. You can explore the various options it has and pick a book or directly search for the book without any trouble.

top free ebook torrents - FreeBookSpot

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