5 Best Legal Alternatives to Private Torrent Sites

Looking for the best legal alternatives to Private Torrent Sites? Well, you’ve reached the right place. Today, we’re going to discuss the best 5 legal alternatives to Private Torrent Sites. But before getting to know about those sites, first let’s understand about how to remain safe when you’re browsing such websites. Let’s explore!

About pirate sites

When we talk about pirate sites, the first thing that comes into mind is pirated movies, software and music available over the internet. Pirate sites such as The Pirate Bay, are being shut nowadays as they keep on hosting pirated torrents on their portal. This infringes the copyrights and attracts the authorities to ban these websites.

At times the software downloaded from these websites might not work properly, as they have been illegally copied and might contain viruses that prove fatal to your computer.

We understand that you want free software, movies and music to be downloaded on your computer, but what these sites offer is pirated versions of them rather than genuine free ones.

The market also has various legal top torrent pirate sites to search and download for movies, music or software. If you are unsure of finding the right ones, we are here to help you.

How to remain anonymous when surfing in websites

When you are using best pirate sites, you need to understand that the old private sites have been discontinued, but alternative sites continue to surface over the internet. Though, few among them are legal, the list also comprises of new pirate sites. There are chances that you are surfing one of the pirate sites without your knowledge.

The worst disadvantage in this case is your IP being tracked and fined by your internet service provider. Well! To combat this issue, is there any foolproof solution? Yes, you can get rid of this problem easily by using a VPN to browse these pirate bittorrent websites.

So, why does it matter to go for a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual network that helps you secretly access the internet. Here are the answer to your questions –

  • A VPN keeps your online activity anonymous from the authorities and ISPs.
  • On a VPN your internet usages are not tracked back to your system or IP, which prevents your identity being leaked.
  • You can protect sensitive financial transactions being tracked, as VPN doesn’t allow any malware or spyware to crawl to your system or account, even if you use a public Wi-Fi.
  • It helps you to access even the websites which are otherwise blocked by your service provider or by the government.
  • You are protected against identity theft, online frauds because of internet access through VPN.
  • Downloading from sites also goes unnoticed with a VPN.

Video guide: Set up your own VPN quickly on PC

5 legal pirate site alternatives to find free movies/software/music

It is recommended to always go for legal alternatives for private torrent sites. Without these legal websites there is always the threat of getting your IP and identity run into trouble. In this section of the article, we are going to feature the top pirate bay bittorrent websites. Their brief description along with their link has been compiled together.

1. Torrentz2

Torrentz2, is among the leading piratebittorrent that you can legally use to search torrent files. It gathers results from multiple search engine results and allows you to have a massive torrents database. Though, the list basically comprises of movies, there are 61 million torrents listed on Torrentz2. You can find movies, games, applications, music, and TV shows across leading genres.

pirate torrent alternative - Torrentz2


  1. You get to download a wide range of torrents including music, TV shows, movies, games and applications to name a few.
  2. You can access any torrent file among the 61 million torrents found in this site.


  1. You can get movies only on a larger scale, though other torrents are also there.

2. Torlok

Looking for the best torrent site for movie download would lead you to Torlok torrent index and search engine. It basically concentrates on movies and TV shows while providing genuine torrents. It can also download, anime, games, music, ebooks and applications.

pirate torrent alternative - Torlok


  1. This site has an interesting system of paying $1/torrent if a user finds out a fake torrent within the site.
  2. There are 4 million torrents which can be quickly downloaded when you desire.


  1. The site has been banned in Australia, India, and the UK.


YTG.ag is among the best pirate websites and is the unofficial successor to YIFY/YTS. Even if it has been banned actively in different countries of the world, this bittorrent tracker focuses on downloading movies. You can also download software torrents from this website.

pirate torrent alternative- YTS.AG


  1. You get to download 720P, 3d, and 1080P high resolution movies from this website.
  2. The user interface is quite intuitive.


  1. As the site is basically for movies, you might it tough to get the desired software downloads.
  2. The download process is a turn off.

4. 1337X

Among the top ten pirate sites, 1337X has a good holding. It acts as a torrent indexing website as well as a magnet links provider. The registration is free in this site. Games, software, music or movies, you just name it, this site has everything for you.

pirate torrent alternative - 1337X


  1. It is a peer-to-peer file hosting service.
  2. It supports SeroNet, Bittorrent, eDonkey, IPFU, and Retroshare.


  1. It doesn’t show up on Google search queries.
  2. The interface is little clumsy for novice users.

5. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents has a galore of links hosting torrenting files. You can quickly download them following the links. You can find games, ebooks, software, music and movies with this torrenting websites. It doesn’t host any files physically rather their links.

pirate torrent alternative - LimeTorrents


  1. It doesn’t contain any obscene content that you can’t view with your family.
  2. You get a vast library of torrent file links in this site.


  1. It is unsure that the links lead you to the right software or music/video file.
  2. The site hosts only links for software and movies, not physically downloadable files.

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