Top 10 Torrent Sites (Updated & Not Blocked) in 2019

Whether you are downloading your favorite game or software that you were long waiting for, with top torrent sites you are sure to get the best deal.

Let’s first understand the advantages and disadvantages of using torrent sites.

Part 1. Top 10 torrent sites not blocked in 2019

Though, a large number of torrenting sites have been banned or blocked across nations, there are still top best sites that are unblocked in 2019. You can access these sites for your various torrenting needs across categories. In this section of the article, we are introducing top 10 torrent sites with their high and low points.

Utorrent Search

top 10 torrent sites - utorrent search

Speaking of the top 10 torrent sites you can always look for Utorrent Search. It can now only download torrents and save them but also streams them if need be. It allows speedy download for all your favorite torrents.


  1. Advance customization and intuitive interface made this site popular with users.
  2. The power-users can access scripting, remote management and automation settings with Utorrent Search.


  1. For secure downloading, a VPN might be necessary.
  2. Some countries have banned this site.


top torrent sites - SKIDROWRELOADED

If you are game addict and love installing new games every now and then, then this site is your go to place. This website hosts a variety of games that you can download and play.


  1. You get high-quality game torrents to download from this site.
  2. Games for multiple gaming devices along with your computers are available on this site.


  1. If you are planning to download software, movie or anime then you won’t be getting all of that here.
  2. Your options are limited to download games only.


top torrent sites - TorrentSeeker

Searching for the top torrenting sites in 2019, we found TorrentSeeker as a viable option for the top 10 list. It retrieves results for your torrents from across various torrent sites and displays on your screen. Along with various unblocked torrent proxy sites, it also fetches results from RARBG, Pirate Bay, 1337X, Extratorrent, Zooqle, and Kickass Torrents.


  1. Language specific and small niche sites also get indexed with this website.
  2. Most popular and new torrent indexes as well as proxy sites are responsible for regular update of torrent site indexing.


  1. The interface is not much intuitive.
  2. Downloading take bit longer as it searches multiple sites to retrieve the content.

AIO Search

top torrent sites - aio

AIO Search is among the top ten torrent sites which can help you locate your desired torrent files. The only restriction here is you can’t do that randomly. To access services from this site, you would need to register with the site and login to your account. Unless you do that, accessing the full facilities of the site is not possible.


  1. This torrent search is compatible on Web, Chrome, and Firefox browser extensions. The extensions have ‘keyword auto-complete’, context menu options, and ‘keyword highlighter’.
  2. It is a meta search engine that uses other search engines, torrent sites and fiule hosting services.


  1. The website is pretty confusing for novice users.
  2. Direct search is not possible with this website, as it requires other file hosting or streaming websites to get the job done.

Torrent Downloads

top torrent sites - torrent downloads

You can opt for the top torrent sites such as Torrent Downloads for downloading music, games, eBooks, software, TV shows etc. for free. For movie lovers, this it is the best bet to get the latest movies at their fingertips. The best part about this site is, it doesn’t restrict your genre of movies neither the region. From Bollywood, to Hollywood and regional movies, you can get hold of anything you desire.


  1. You can access 16 million torrents from this website.
  2. This torrent indexing site comprises of a vast collection of torrents.


  1. In the UK, this site has been banned.
  2. When you opt to download the torrent file, it redirects you to other affiliate advertising websites for multiple times, which is quite annoying.

Torrent Project

top 10 torrent sites - torrent project

Using this torrent meta search engine you can obtain desired torrent search result from popular torrent hosting sites. It can be used as an alternative option for Kickass torrent and You can make use of application integrated search functions enabled by API and Torrents Time plugin for better searching.


  1. The site has a clean interface for the convenience of users.
  2. There are approximately 8 million torrent files being indexed on this website.


  1. UK has banned this website.
  2. It often triggers adverts in pop up windows with every click.


top 10 torrent sites - veoble

With Veoble, you can easily search any torrent file. It is powered by Google Custom Search for faster torrenting. Brightness of the screen is minimized with a black background, so that it won’t hurt your eyes by straining them.


  1. Date wise and keyword specific filtering is there to show up results for torrenting.
  2. Image search and general search is supported to enable you having an all-in-one search result with this intuitive search engine.


  1. You might need a VPN for secure torrenting.
  2. This torrenting search engine has quite a bit confusing interface.

iSO Hunt

top 10 torrent sites - iso hunt

This torrent site can help you gain the best out of torrenting. Be it movies, music, anime or software, you can always download the most desired file without much hassle.


  1. Using this website, you can download anime which not all torrenting sites support.
  2. This is a reliable and effective website for downloading your favorite torrents.


  1. The site is not intuitive for novice users.
  2. The search results take a while to load on the site.


top 10 torrent sites - rarbg

Next on the list of top torrent websites we have Rarbg. This site for torrents allows you to download healthy torrent files sans any virus or malware. You can download music, software, games, movies etc. using this torrenting site. Movie trailers and shows have a dedicated page on the website for the ease of users to know about them. The site features the top 10 list across each category of torrents in it.


  1. It has a special blog featuring news articles on TV shows and comic characters.


  1. The site interface is not so user-friendly.
  2. You might find the Ads annoying while using the website to download files.


top 10 torrent sites - yts

YTS is among the top ten torrents sites that you could vouch for. A large range of files can be downloaded using this site. Torrents involving movies, software, music, games etc. can be seamlessly downloaded through YTS.


  1. It has a quite interesting layout and interface.
  2. You can download movies in diverse definitions, such as 720P, 1080P, and 3D.


  1. Software downloading with this torrent size is time consuming.
  2. You get restricted options to download software, as the site majorly focuses on movies.

Part 2. Why choose torrent sites?

While speaking of the various advantages of using top torrent sites, you get anime, software, music, movies, games and eBooks downloaded on your computer for free using torrent sites.

As there is peer-to-peer file sharing, you don’t stay waiting to get a file downloaded. If one server goes down the other ensures the download is taken care of. Moreover, you get a wide collection of torrents across genres and categories which is not possible to find over the internet without these torrenting sites. The speed of downloading is commendable as well.

Part 3. Top torrent sites? Any cons?

When it comes to the cons of top torrent sites, without any seeds, it’s not possible to download a file. When you upload and download at the same time, the bandwidth goes for a toss due to the dual task.

People downloading the same file that you are seeding or leeching can find your IP.

Having a VPN will ensure that you are able to anonymously torrent the files. Though, you should keep in mind not to download copyright protected content as its illegal and might attract penalty.

Video guide: Set up VPN quickly to use top torrent sites safely

Part 4. What if torrent sites are blocked overnight

Now that you have the list of top site for torrenting, how about learning about some proxy websites for that matter. It might be some torrent site got blocked overnight and you were about to download. At this juncture the blocking shouldn’t hamper your upcoming downloads. Using proxy or mirror sites you can get through this issue easily.

Here is the list of top download proxy sites that you can refer to for downloading different contents –


Part 5. What if torrent sites are blocked only in your region

In some cases the site may be active in other parts of the world and restricted in your area only. In such incidences you can opt for a VPN service.

A VPN creates a mask between your IP and the ISP (internet service provider/local gateway) so that you can anonymously browse the torrents and download them, and they can hardly determine your actual region. It prevents the copyright owners from tracking your IP or penalizing you.

In public Wi-Fi networks, it protects your IP and computer from being attacked by malware or viruses, as they can’t track you or crawl back to steal your personal information. It unblocks all the blocked torrent sites.

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