Hassle-Free Guide to Torrent Free Download (Torrent Download Sites Included)

When you wish to have torrent free download there are wide options across the internet to choose from. But, have you ever imagined why torrent sites are being used and what’s the advantage it offers to you?

The most lucrative aspects of free torrent download sites is you get software, music, movies, eBooks, anime, games etc. free of cost. They have huge library in every genre for each category, so if you are unable to find anything over the internet, try searching with torrent sites. They allow you to experience a better download speed.

Software applications can be found and quickly downloaded for free with these free torrenting sites.

Part 1. Preparation before using torrents for download

While torrenting websites allow you a great deal of benefits, you need to ensure that your privacy doesn’t get compromised online. While using torrent downloader for free downloading of software, music, eBooks, games, TV shows or anything else, care must be taken to ensure security and privacy of data and your computer.

Note: With numerous spamming and hacking programs, viruses being out there, it’s imperative to guard your IP and PC from them. Moreover, when there is copyrighted content in the torrent file, there might be a higher risk for you.

So, what is the safe option to choose for?

Well! In such a situation, picking a VPN is the most viable solution for you without any doubt.

Getting protected using a VPN

Most countries in the world consider copyrighted torrent files illegal. You have the risk of being fined, after getting tracked by the authorities/internet service providers/copyright holders.

In such scenarios keeping your software torrent downloads anonymous is the best way and VPN can only do that with utmost security. A VPN hides your online activities along with the IP and hence your online footprint is not tracked to reach your system or IP.

Even in public Wi-Fis VPN can protect your system, data and identity from being attacked by virus or malwares or online frauds.

How to quickly set up VPN on PC to use free torrents anonymously

VPN helps you to freely download torrent files from torrenting sites blocked in your region

With a VPN your browsing is always protected from any online threat. Hacking, identity theft, and spamming can easily be avoided using a VPN connection. Illegally reproduced content or copyright violated ones call for copyright laws and related penalties. Using a VPN, you can securely download torrent files as it masks the IP from the ISPs along with your location.

VPN enables you to download free torrents anonymously from the internet bypassing tracking by the authorities

Anonymous browsing and downloading will happen when you use a VPN connection. Your IP and logins get hidden by the VPN. You also stay protected against identity theft, virus attacks and hacked computers in public and private Wi-Fis. In public Wi-Fi network also your ID is masked and you are allowed to securely browse and download from the torrent sites without much hassle.

Part 2. Visit free torrent download sites to get torrents

Well! After knowing enough about VPN and torrent sites as well as the way they work closely with each other, now is the time to find torrent free downloads.

Note: Contents in torrent download sites may violate copyrights. You may download such contents without knowing this, but the ISP monitors are tracking you for that. So, set up VPN to keep your IP hidden and identity anonymous.

In this section, we are explaining about 5 different free torrent download sites to help you distinguish between them quickly. Then a step-by-step guide is provided to illustrate how to use these free torrent sites.


free torrent download sites - 1337x

This free torrent download site is ultimate for browsing torrents for movies, games, TV shows, and music files. The enhanced user-interface calls for more applauds.

The Pirate Bay

free torrent download sites - tpb

The Pirate Bay is on an average a reliable torrent free download site. Being one of the best torrent tracker it even underwent numerous blocks and shutdowns. Safe torrents are tagged as VIP for safe download.  Apart from magnet links it has a wide array of torrent file collection to download torrent files and use them.


free torrent download sites - torlock

If you are anime fan or a bookworm, this torrent free download site is the thing for you. Music torrents, anime and movies can be downloaded here. Having an intuitive interface brings more goodies to it. Video episodes, ebooks or anything else this site can get that in a jiffy.


free torrent download sites - torrentz2

While discussing about the best free torrent download sites, why should Torrentz2 will lie low? If you are after the latest music in the internet try opting for this site. With a wide array of music torrent files, it offers users a minimalistic interface.


free torrent download sites - yts

YTS.ag excels in downloading torrent for movies. Latest hits or old classics, you can get everything over here. It is of great help if you get restricted bandwidth. With a appealing layout and number of titles across varieties bring more fun. This is only for movies, so if you want games, software, music or other genres then you need to select another torrent downloader.

Step-by-step guide on how to find and download a torrent

  1. Browse the torrent site.
  2. Type the torrent file name in the search box within the torrent site.
  3. From the displayed search results pick the one you want to download.
  4. torrent free download from sites
  5. After clicking the link of the torrent file from the results, you will be navigated to a new page. You will see the torrent download link, tap on it and the torrent file gets downloaded.
  6. get torrents by clicking the link

Part 3. Download torrent downloader tools & contents for free

Here are the 5 free torrent downloader tools such as uTorrent, Deluge Torrent Software, etc. for you. Following the introduction of them, there will be an easy-to-follow guide telling how to download torrent downloaders and contents for free.

Note: Technically, all people are uploading and downloading contents at the same time with torrent downloaders. A computer with no VPN protection tells all your IP and identity info to strangers or even hackers. Set up VPN on your computer to prevent this.


free torrent downloader tool - utorrent

It is an amazing torrent downloader managed by BitTorrent. You can schedule downloads, and the software occupies less space on your device. It has Ads that might annoy you.


free torrent downloader tool - deluge

With Deluge, you can enjoy less more free space with better functionality in torrent file downloading. This is expandable with plugins and compatible with cross platform activities.


free torrent downloader tool - bittorrent

It has web based seeding along with comments. It has scheduled downloads and occupies less space. You can see annoying Ads popping up in between.


free torrent downloader tool - vuze

Apart from Ads, Vuze is no doubt an efficient torrent downloader tool. Neatly designed user interface and expandability through plugins is a sure thing about this tool.

It contains Ads. 2 variants named Vuze Plus and Vuze Leap are available. Vuze leap media playback, music download, as well as magnet file links are supported. Vuze plus comes with advanced virus protection as well as media file preview. IP filtering, bandwidth limiting are also allowed with this torrent downloader.


free torrent downloader tool - qbittorrent

When it comes to blending speed, features with minimalism qBittorrent is unmatched in the race. There are no Ads and you get more extra tools and less extensions. It consumes a little of your CPU space and has an integrated torrent search engine. It supports cross platforms.

Download torrent downloaders and music/movies/games/etc. for free

  1. Move to the official website of the torrent downloader and click download for your computer.
  2. Install it once the download gets over.
  3. Drag and drop the previously downloaded torrent file (explained in guide 1) into uTorrent.
  4. Now, uTorrent will grab the details and download the music file.
  5. download contents for free

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