Effective Guide to Downloading New Movie Torrent for Free

In case you are looking for downloading torrent movies without spending a penny then where should you look for them? Well, we know the right place that can offer you plethora of options for torrent movie download and enjoying them at your own convenience.

Part 1. Where to download torrented movies for Free

In this part of the article, we have compiled 5 best torrent movie torrenting sites for you along with a brief description.

Note: Copyright agencies and ISPs are crazily seeking for torrent users online. Using a VPN for torrenting is the only effective way to hide your identity and encrypt your torrenting traffic.


Using YourBittorrent, you can download new movies torrent as well as games, software, anime, music and ebooks altogether. There are 1 million torrents within this websites, which you can download as per your need along with latest movies torrent. This site is banned in the UK and Portugal.

new movies torrent download - YourBittorrent

Torrent Funk

Torrent Funk helps in torrent movies free download from across various languages and genres. The site has a verified status indication to make fair user reviews. This free movies torrent site contains adult images, so you need to be careful while accessing it.

torrent film download - Torrent Funk

Torrent Downloads

With Torrent Downloads you can seamlessly get extratorrents movies list of your favorite genre without much efforts. Be it a regional or Hollywood movie this site has everything within. It is one of the best torrent to download movies, featuring torrent index database.

Approximately 16 million torrents are found in this website. Movies, music, games, TV shows, software, or ebooks this site can bring everything at your finger tip. This site has been banned in the UK.

torrent movie search - Torrent Downloads

Bit Torrent Scene

Bit Torrent Scene is one of the bit movie torrent sites that helps you in downloading music, movies, TV series, games, software and ebooks. It has various mirrors IPs and URLs as it is available across various countries. There are beyond 5 million torrents in this site, so you can carry out torrent film download.

torrent link for movies - Bit Torrent Scene


iDope can bring you the popular 2018 movies torrents for you. You get direct magnet links of torrents. The database contains around 18 million torrents across various categories ranging from movies, music, games, TV shows that you can download and enjoy. The user interface is very intuitive and supports mobile phone.

Most countries allow iDope without any restrictions, so you can seamlessly perform torrent movie search and download.

latest movies torrent - iDope

Part 2. How to download torrented movies for Free

Now that you have known about the best movie torrent, it’s time to know the detailed process to do so. In this part of the article, we will show you downloading a extramovies torrent software and then downloading the free movies.

Here is the step by step guide for downloading torrented movies without paying a single penny –

  1. Download Bittorrent or uTorrent software on your computer
  2. For downloading the top torrented movies, you need to first download uTorrent or Bittorrent software on your computer. From its official website download the software and then install it on your computer. Ensure that you have installed the newest version of that software and then launch it.

    torrent movie download using downloader software
  3. Download torrent movie file after searching it over the torrent site
  4. Go to the torrent website or torrent search engine and look for movie torrent that you wish to download. Search for the torrent movie on Kickasstorrents, Isohunt, or Torrentz by keying in the movie name within the search box. Select the relevant options which seems reliable, after going through the reviews and then hit the ‘Download’ button or link.

    search for torrents of movies
  5. Access the torrent file for downloading with software
  6. Open the torrent file that you can find under the download folder of your computer. Now, let it downloaded through the torrent software. In approximately 1 to 2 hours to download a movie with an average internet connection over Wi-Fi.

    download torrented movie

Part 3. Unsafe Movie Torrents? How to Protect Yourself?

When you use top torrented movies you get to download movies for free at a faster pace and get hold of multiple movie resources than through the traditional ways.

Although it is very convenient for movie buffs, the major issue lies in copyright. Cases of copyright infringement or blocked sites would trouble you to a great extent. Apart from that your IP might get tracked by the local authorities due to these torrent movie downloads amounting to fine or imprisonment at the worst case scenario.

Now, getting movies in 2018 torrent becomes pretty complex, when there is too much at stake.

VPN can help you bypass all the risks

To avoid the above mentioned difficulties associated with bittorrent movies free download, you can choose VPN as your savior. VPNs hide your IP from the ISP by masking it and making the torrent link for movies as well as your IP untraceable for this activity. VPNs have other interesting features too.

Video tutorial: Easiest way to set up VPN to get movie torrents safely

Here is the working principle of VPN –

While you browse through movie torrenting sites, they would have your IP as the source which wants to download the torrent movie. This in turn will make your computer and IP vulnerable to get traced by the authorities. Your IP can also be used here to hack your computer data by any online frauds and make you pay bigtime.

When there is a VPN involved in this process, the VPN acts as a shield or masking layer between the actual IP and the torrent over the internet. All your online activities are carried out secretly behind the back of the ISP.

Moreover, sensitive transactions such as finance related activities get hidden from the spammers who might harm you online by stealing your identity and stuff like that. it also helps you access blocked sites in your region or unblocks them for you without much hassle.

You can opt for reliable VPN services like NordVPN and freely download multiple movies, videos, software, music etc. This VPN is capable of enhancing your system performance and allows you to have proxy browser extensions as well as dedicated IPs.

deploy vpn protection

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