Top 8 Torrent Programs/Clients that Make Downloads 10x Smoother

While looking for best torrent software 2019 you might be wondering which are the best ones for you. The number of options are enormous, but picking the perfect one has a great impact on your torrent download program. Well! in this article, we have featured the top 8 torrent program download clients who assist you in smoothly downloading software, movies, music, games, anime and lot more without any glitch.

So, what’s the wait? Let’s explore and know more about these programs.

Part 1. What are torrenting sites and torrent programs

Torrenting sites and torrent programs help you download movies/books/music for free across the internet. Torrenting sites have a vast library of software, movies, music, games, anime, eBook etc. are available for free.

They allow you fast downloading from the web with the help of a torrent file which is available over such websites. You then require a software for reading the torrented file that you’ve downloaded over your PC from any preferred torrent site.

Well, you can download few of the torrenting software or can also use them online, depending on your requirements. If you are looking for a torrent software download that can bring the best for you, then the market has quite good options for you out there and that’s what we’re going to discuss further.

Important note before you use torrent programs/clients

Before you start working with torrent software free download programs, you need to take care of some important aspects. At times the torrent files that you download might contain spam, malware or faulty software that would stop running at all.

There is also a high risk of getting tracked by the internet service providers and you obviously don’t want that to happen. When using an open network or Wi-Fi, frauds spyware are always ready to attack you and steal your personal and financial data. so, you need to have a VPN and protect yourself.

When you use a VPN service, it masks your online footprint. This way, no one can pick your IP address or poke their nose in your online data to wreak havoc. Moreover, VPN helps you get rid of the restrictions put by your network administrator locally or by government authorities in your region. You can even unblock the websites which are blocked using a VPN. It helps you anonymously browse the internet.

Video how-to: Set up VPN to get protected when using torrent programs/clients

Part 2. Top 8 torrent programs in 2019 for 10x Smoother downloads

We have listed 8 top torrent software for you. Explore them and know what can you get out of them.


torrent software download - utorrent

uTorrent is one of the best torrent software available in the market. With a small size and minimal system resource requirement during program execution makes it an apt software for you. Torrent files can automatically get downloaded, by subscribing to the RSS feed in uTorrent. With uTorrent Remote feature you can use the inbuilt remote monitoring and administration to manage your uTorrent client. It’s possible to pause, add or delete torrents from an Android device or any web browser.

Note: Using uTorrent without a VPN may be risky because it may expose your privacy to other internet users. Learn how to set up a VPN.


  • It doesn’t consume much size over your PC, saving you a lot of hard disk space.
  • You can also make use of scheduled downloading feature to automatically start download on a specific time.


  • Offers many bundled crapwares while installing it over your PC.


torrent software download - tixati

This cross platform BitTorrent client puts more weight on system resources such as standalone and portable versions compatible with your USB. Chat room support as well as audio and video support is available with this software. Magnet links can also be shared through chats using this torrent downloader. There is no threat from malware or spyware with this software. It is constantly updated for better performance.

Note: To avoid revealing your privacy to strangers, set up a VPN when using Tixati.


  • It supports smooth working over cross platform PC.
  • Regular updates are pushed in order to incorporate the latest features.


  • The UI design of the software is quite confusing and hence, not very user friendly.
  • Moreover the graphs are displayed in pretty ugly visuals.

torrent software download - filestream

Among the leading torrent programs FileStream is one of the online torrent clients used for downloading torrent files. You can upload torrent files to your account or enter torrent links to later download them using a web browser. You can get 2 torrents simultaneously and affect the download speed while downloading multiple files.


  • You can stream videos and audios as well as hide your IP using this program.
  • No need to install a software over the PC as it supports cloud downloading.


  • You get to see Ads in free software.
  • You can only download torrents up to 200 MB for each file.


torrent software download - bitlord

This torrent software works for Mac and Windows systems with a password protect feature. You can search for torrents within the program and stream video/audio prior to downloading. New torrents can be tracked using RSS feeds in this software.


  • The software comprises of an inbuilt search engine in addition with a comment section.
  • Quite an easy to use program.


  • Flashes too many adverts, spoiling user experience.
  • The stats are displayed in a closely-sourced outlook.


torrent software - vuze

Vuze is a torrent tracker software which you can use even playback media files with inbuilt in torrent searching browser. You need a desktop browser control  or web browser to control the functions. You can directly add media to iTunes by connecting a folder directly to iTunes for easy drag and drop activities. Upon wrapping up the seeding or downloading files it can shut down/hibernate/launch a program automatically on your computer.


  • The program is packed with advanced virus protection, along with media file preview functionality.
  • With this torrent downloader tool you can restrict bandwidth and filter IPs effectively.


  • The free version of the tool shows multiple annoying Adverts.
  • Both variations of Vuze support several different features.


torrent software - frostwire

This bittorrent tracker software searches torrent files across different sites simultaneously using filters for fetching the best results through seed count and file size. You can add custom streams by using numerous internet radio stations. There are multiple options to use this program, ranging from Mac, Windows, Ubuntu and FrostWire app for Android.


  • Modern features with a neat design are the life of this torrent downloader program.
  • You can even chat with other FrostWire users using the community chat room.


  • The program installs lots of junk (crapwares) that are really required by the users.


torrent software - deluge

The next torrent downloader tool we have on the top 8 list is Deluge. It is a very neat torrent software that allows you to manage the maximum speeds and upload slots and download speed and encryption.


  • Deluge’s settings can be expanded with numerous plugins such as scheduler, email notifier, statistics, web interface, auto RSS downloader etc. to name a few.
  • You can easily operate it over Windows, Mac and Linux OS based computers.


  • The tool doesn’t preloads the data from Magnet torrent link, eliminating the privilege to choose what content to download and what not.
  • It doesn’t offers the functionality to ‘force start’ your downloads.


torrent software - miro

Miro happens to be a media player running on Mac, Ubuntu, Windows OS. It has an inbuilt browser to search for torrent files and can download supported files. This free torrent client and downloader helps you share files throughout networks. It uses Miro iPad app for streaming media downloaded from torrent.


  • You can share your files across a network and make use of Miro iPad app in order to stream the torrent media downloaded through the Miro program.
  • It is a free torrent downloader and client.


  • The user interface for this program is complex and pretty much confusing.

Final Verdict

Once you have been through the above article, we are positive that one of the programs mentioned in the list is obviously going to be your, go to program in streaming or downloading torrent content.

Ensure that you choose a reliable VPN service along with a torrent software or opt for a torrent program. With such arrangements you avoid the risk of being attacked online or get penalized by ISPs for consuming torrenting content.

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