8 Best Android Transfer Apps to Transfer from/to Android

Android phones have come a long way from the day when it took its baby steps. It now comes loaded with features that have put many other devices out of duty. The sleek smartphone that fits into your palm comes with so much capability, thanks to the advancement in the technology. It keeps on taking leaps and bounds. What started out with a humble calling and sending SMS feature, now has unimaginable potential.

The major features one enjoys on an Android smartphone is its decent camera, a good RAM and the latest Android version.  And better still most manufacturers produce them at very affordable rates. With the popularity of Android, a question is commonly asked: what is the proper way for Android data transfer?

Different Media for Android Data Tranfer Apps

With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth tethering now available, Android users can have apps that can share media and data files to and from Android phones. There are plenty of apps out there that can easily transfer even large files within a matter of minutes. With a preference of Wi-Fi over Bluetooth tethering, one can easily transfer all file formats easily using these apps.

One can also use the USB cable that comes with the phone to use it to connect to the PC. There is much software that allows direct transfer of media and files from one Android device to another using the PC. dr.fone - Transfer is one such software.

Then there is the cloud storage facility, which is as good as an Android data transfer app. It is offered by many companies that let you use their services for a price. By cloud storage facilities, one can easily upload files which need to be accessed later. You may even use links to access them remotely and can even download them to use them later on.

These three types of file transfer method are the best options for file transfer available in the market. They are affordable, ensure speed and safety.

8 Best Android Transfer Apps in 2018

1. dr.fone - Transfer

The dr.fone - Transfer (Andriod) is one of the best Android data transfer app available in the market. This can help you transfer files easily between Android devices and computer systems. You can transfer files including music, videos, and many more.

dr.fone - Transfer

Best Android Transfer App to Meet Your Needs

  • Easy to use and accessible
  • Highly secure
  • It is completely compatible with all Android versions
  • It can effectively transfer iTunes to Android and also the other way around
  • Free trial available
Available on: Windows Mac
4,891,420 people have downloaded it

android transfer app

2. SHAREit

ShareIt is a great wireless android data transfer app that works great on almost all Android devices. It works great on cross platforms and is compatible with all devices. It uses the Wi-Fi and hotspot tethering to share data, making it a super fast app.

android data transfer app


•    High-speed transfer

•    Wireless transfer

•    Runs in the background


•    Vulnerable to malware attack

•    Not Battery friendly

•    Not safe for transferring privacy files

3. Xender

Xender is the final word when it comes to high-speed data transfer. It is best suited to send large files, like movies, which can be completed in a matter of minutes. It has speed more than 4 MB/s. Select this file transfer program to send files to Android phones hassle free.

phone transfer software


•    Highest speed transfer

•    Large files transfer

•    Transfer all type of files


•    May detect as malware by some antivirus software

•    Not safe for transferring privacy files

4. SuperBeam

This phone transfer program uses Wi-Fi connection to do a wireless transfer. This also offers the added security of using either a QR code, NFC or manual key to share. You can upgrade to the Pro version to customize the destination folder.

file transfer program


•    Effortless transfer

•    Able to transfer multiple files

•    Supports many file types


•    Tends to crash frequently

•    Heavy reliance on Wi-Fi connection

5. AirDroid

This is a great android transfer app if you are looking for a cross-platform app. This can transfer and receive files between your PC and Android device on any network. This app also has the additional leverage of accessing other apps like WeChat, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It also notifies you, and you can send and receive text messages.

mobile transfer software


•    Access phone remotely

•    Fast and free transfer


•    Uses too much battery

•    Multiple file transfer not possible

6. Pushbullet

This is a great file transfer program which can connect to the PC as well as to Android devices. One has to be online and signed in into the same account simultaneously, from both devices. You can transfer files easily. By pasting URL links from your phone into your PC, you can also receive notifications and text.

phone transfer tool


•    Smooth transfer without any data loss

•    Clean interface


•    Heavy Cost

7. Dropbox

This tried and tested method is a great way to share data. Using the cloud storage facility, one can store, access and share files remotely. You can access the files on your PC or Android device, upload it to Dropbox, and then access it from any device elsewhere. You can even share links and then access files remotely.

android transfer tool


•    Reliable cloud storage

•    Access files remotely


•    Slower than wireless transfer

•    Requires an internet connection

8. Fast File Transfer

This mobile transfer software works at lightning speed. It is also easy to use and reliable. This uses Wi-Fi service to transfer files. It even transfers very large files with high speed. This is a great choice for a mobile transfer software, supporting almost all devices and platforms.

fast file transfer


•    Efficient transfer of files

•    Easy to use


•    Vulnerable to malware attack

•    Not recommended for transferring files containing privacy

With Android phones, there are a great many options available for file transfer. There are wireless and wired methods. Using wireless methods include the use of phone transfer software such as Xender. Then there are the methods which use a wired connection. This is by the use of USB cable. The dr.fone - Transfer software uses the wired method. This way you can directly establish a connection to the computer or to an Android device connected to the computer.

There are also cloud storage options, which include Dropbox, which is another great phone transfer software. Cloud storage options use the internet and cloud storage to share files and to access them remotely. Many file transfer programs also give the added advantage of having remote access to the phone to control other apps and utilities.

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dr.fone (Mac) - Transfer (Android)

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