How To Transfer Contacts From Android To PC

The Android device that fits into our palm and pockets have replaced a lot many traditional devices and requirements. This multifaceted device has replaced the bulky mobile phones and land phones, watches, calendar, reminders, and a lot of many things. However, you might have also noticed that the little phone directory where you stored all your numbers have also gathered dust from lack of use.

Gone are the days when we had to carry around the little book for our phone number requirements. With smartphones that can store up to thousands of contacts, rarely does the need to memorise numbers arise too. The automated phone directory in the smartphone does all the work for you.

The Common Requirement: Transfer Contacts from Android to PC

There might come up situations where you have to copy your contacts from one phone to your PC. If you have updated from one phone to a newer version of a smartphone, you will need all your contacts from the previous phone. Manually copying numbers or using bluetooth transfer can be extremely time-consuming. That can be when using your PC comes into the picture. You might also need to transfer to the PC to backup your phone data or simply to for management purposes.

Preparations Before Transferring Contacts

There are a few things to keep in mind and check off your list before starting to transfer the contacts from your Android to the PC.

  • Keep your phone fully charged: The last thing you want to happen is your phone to shut down while preparing for a transfer.
  • Get your contacts sorted: There might be certain contacts you still haven't added or named properly. Make sure you have all the contacts from your Phone memory, SIM memory and from other accounts synced. This will avoid problems you may face while transferring.
  • Get a good USB cable: Find the appropriate cable for your phone to connect to the PC. Not all USB cables are enabled with data transfer options. Make sure you have the right cable.
  • Make sure USB debugging is enabled: USB debugging lets your computer access your Android device using the USB cable. This will ensure that the dr. fone - Android Transfer can also detect your Android device.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to PC

There are many ways to transfer contacts from Android to PC. You can simply search for " how to transfer contacts from Android to computer" or " how to transfer contacts from Android to PC without software". You will get a lot many ways to copy contacts from Android to PC.

However, it is always safe to choose the tried and tested method. The dr.fone - Transfer avails easy and extremely reliable ways to transfer the contacts from your phone to the PC.

dr.fone - Transfer

Effective Solution on How to Transfer Contacts from Android to PC

  • This software is an easy-to-use program that details out in clear instructions on how to transfer contacts from Android to computer.
  • It is a user-friendly and versatile app that can be used for transferring your contacts to your PC.
  • This app lets you transfer more than just contacts. You can transfer media files like photos, videos & audio files.
  • You can also transfer media files of many different formats which are usually not compatible with most other apps.
  • It also provides other features, like sending SMS messages from PC and bulk installing apps on Android.
Available on: Windows Mac
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The following steps show how to copy contacts from Android to PC.

Step 1: Run dr. fone app

Download the dr.fone and launch the app. Then connect your Android Phone to the Computer. Select “Transfer” among the modules.

transfer contacts from android to pc with dr.fone

Step 2: Select Information Tab > Contacts option > Select contacts

From the Information tab, open the contacts management window. Here you can find all your contacts. They can be chosen according to the Phone contacts, SIM contacts, and Account Contacts.

transfer contacts from android to pc from the information tab

Step 3: Click on the Export icon.

Choose the contacts you want to import to the PC, and click the Export icon. This will transfer all your contacts to the Windows Address Book or Outlook depending on where how you want to use it. One can also transfer the contact files to other devices by connecting them to the PC.

export contacts to transfer contacts from android to pc

Having a software like dr. fone can have many advantages, helping overcome the difficulties of having to use a direct connection to the PC using the USB cable.

  • Compatibility: dr. fone lets you connect to the PC in a hassle-free manner. There is no requirement of a device driver or installing of different software for different devices. One software is compatible with a large range of devices. This software also supports Android 8.0
  • Secure: dr. fone is a secure option compared to direct connection to the PC. dr. fone ensures that there is no data loss or any malware infection to the PC or vice versa.
  • Management: dr. fone lets you easily choose which contacts to transfer. It even lets you choose the groups from which you want to transfer. It also maintains the different groups in your contact list.

After you have successfully transferred your contacts to the PC, you can use them for backup purposes. Your contacts can be easily exported to your Android device at any time if you face a data loss, or any situation for a backup restore pops up.

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dr.fone (Mac) - Transfer (Android)

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