Best Alternatives of HTC Transfer Tool to Transfer Phone Data

The smartphone market has grown tremendously than what it used to be in the past. Nowadays, smartphones are getting bigger, better, efficient and available at lower rates than earlier. This is all due to a competitive market that companies have started selling a better smartphone at lower prices.

Technology is changing day by day and some people frequently change their smartphones to keep up with the latest technology. But switching to a new device is never easy if you don’t want to lose the data on the old device. Here in the article, we have mentioned various HTC transfer tools to easily switch from an old smartphone to a new HTC device.

About HTC Transfer Tool

HTC smartphones become very popular these days and lots of people are changing to HTC devices from their old phones. Better build quality, superior performance, and better customer support are the main reasons for their popularity. So when HTC concentrates so much on the customer satisfaction, how could they let people suffer when making the transition from their older phones to new devices?

HTC transfer tool is an official application from HTC dedicated to making the switch from old to new HTC devices easier. With HTC Transfer tool, phone data can be easily from any old Android device to HTC without losing any data. This tool uses Wi-Fi direct technology to transfer phone data from the old device to the new one.

Basically, the HTC transfer tool may suit one's needs in that:

  • • It can transfer messages, contacts, calendars etc.
  • • Easily transfer music, video, and documents with HTC Transfer tool.
  • • Fast and reliable without any risk of losing data while transferring.
  • • The interface is clean and simple which can be easily understood by the users.
  • • It supports a large variety of HTC devices with Android version 2.3 and above.

Restrictions of HTC Transfer Tool

HTC Transfer tool is great for switching to an HTC device from any Android phone, but it also has some restrictions, which may make it fail to meet the requirements of some people:

  • • The source device to which data is to be transferred must always be HTC device.
  • • It doesn’t support cross-platform transfer from Android to Windows.
  • • For older version of Android below 2.3, it uses Bluetooth to transfer data which is very slow as compared to Wi-Fi direct transfer.
  • • It can’t transfer apps installed on the old device.

HTC Transfer tool can’t be used to transfer files from HTC devices to other Android devices. If you want to transfer phone data from HTC to, for example, Xperia, then you should find another program.

Alternative to HTC Transfer Tool for Selective Data Transfer

No doubt HTC Transfer tool is a very good application for transferring data from an Android device to HTC smartphone, the reverse isn’t possible. If you want a better tool for this task, then dr.fone - Transfer is the best option. It allows you to transfer phone data from one Android device to any other Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows devices in simple steps. With this tool, you can transfer photos, music, SMS, Apps, movies and video clips easily. Just connect the Android device to a computer via a USB cable and start the transfer.

dr.fone - Transfer (Android)

Alternative to HTC Transfer Tool for Selective Data Transfer

  • dr.fone - Transfer allows fast transfer of phone data to other devices.
  • Supports transferring a variety of data including photos, videos, audio files and much more.
  • Can be installed on both Windows and Android operating system.
  • Over 7000 Android devices supported including HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei etc.
  • You can select which files you want to transfer and which not.
Available on: Windows Mac
4,868,129 people have downloaded it

Follow the steps below to transfer phone data:

Step 1: Download, install and launch dr.fone Android Utility on your computer.

launch dr.fone

Step 2: Select “Transfer” on the dr.fone - Transfer home screen.

start the transfer

Step 3: Then connect both Android devices to the computer via a USB cable. It will detect the device and complete the connection. Make sure to enable USB debugging on both devices.

Step 4: Then, select what you want to transfer music, videos or photos. For example, if you want to trapper photos, click on Photos at the top ribbon and select which you want to transfer.

select the Photos tab

Step 5: Click on “Export” button at the top and choose “Export to Device”.

transfer photos to another device

Step 6: Select the path on the other Android device and click OK to start the transfer process.

Alternative to HTC Transfer Tool for All Data Transfer at One Click

With dr.fone - Transfer, you can choose which files to transfer to the other Android device or PC i.e. it allows the selective transfer. But to transfer everything from one device to another, use dr.fone - Switch, which is the best alternative to HTC Transfer tool when transferring all the data with a single click. With dr.fone - Switch, one can transfer everything from contacts, call history, messages, music, images etc from one device to another. It is a part of the dr.fone Android utility, so you don’t have to download separate software.

dr.fone - Switch

Alternative to HTC Transfer Tool for All Data Transfer at One Click

  • Fast transfer of phone data from one to another.
  • Can transfer data between Android and iOS.
  • Lossless transfer meaning no risk of data loss when transferring.
  • User-friendly interface and one click to complete all.
Available on: Windows Mac
4,868,297 people have downloaded it

The steps of transferring data between devices are shown as follows:

Step 1: Launch the dr.fone Toolkit and select “Switch” at the application interface.

initial interface of the tool

Step 2: Connect the devices between which you want to transfer data via USB cables to the computer.

Step 3: At the Switch window, select the file types that you want to transfer from one device to another. Simply click on the checkboxes to select or deselect.

select the file types

Step 4: Use the “Flip” button to set the source and destination devices.

Step 5: When all is set, click the “Start Transfer” button to begin the process. When you click the button, everything selected will be transferred from the source device to destination device.

transfer ongoing

Transferring data from an old device to new HTC phone can be very time consuming. Though HTC has developed a dedicated app for this task, it still isn't enough. Here in this article, you can find the best alternatives to HTC Transfer tool for transferring phone data: dr.fone - Transfer and dr.fone - Switch. One doesn’t need any technical knowledge to use these tools and can easily transfer files from one device to another.

They're downloading

dr.fone (Mac) - Transfer (Android)

dr.fone (Mac) - Transfer (Android)

Transfer photos, videos, music, contacts, messages and more between Android device and PC/Mac.

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