6 Best Samsung Transfer Apps to Facilitate Samsung File Transfer

One of the more common Android devices, Samsung devices can be found in nearly all parts of the world. Samsung devices often carry a lot of data and sometimes the need to transfer this data to the computer or other devices can arise. For instance, you might need to transfer data from an old Samsung device to a new one or from your Samsung device to PC.

Either way, you need a reliable Samsung transfer tool to help you move data easily. In this article, we take a look at the top 6 Samsung transfer tools in the market.

1. dr.fone - Transfer

It is one of the best tools for Samsung file transfer to PC. One of the reasons dr.fone-Transfer is so ideal is because it is so easy to use.

Once the Samsung device is connected to the computer, dr.fone-Transfer wastes no time in recognizing the device and displaying the data on the device. Once the data to be transferred is selected, the whole Samsung file transfer process takes just a few minutes.

dr.fone - Transfer

Best Samsung Transfer Tool for File Transfer to or from a PC

  • A pleasing user interface, making it very easy to navigate and thereby very easy to use.
  • Can be used to transfer nearly all types of data including photos, videos, music, text messages, contacts and more.
  • Supports more than 7000 different types of Android devices. So, it will work perfectly no matter the Samsung Model you are using.
  • Transfers files to iTunes and vice versa
  • Manages the Android phone on your computer
  • Fully Compatible with Android versions up to 8.0
  • Powerful file explorer provided
Available on: Windows Mac
3,495,801 people have downloaded it
The main screen of dr.fone - Transfer is as follows:

samsung transfer tool: drfone- Transfer

2. Samsung Smart Switch

It is one of the most popular apps for Samsung data transfer from one device to another. It is the first choice for most users who are looking to switch from an old Samsung device to a new one. The main reason is that it is very easy to use and guarantees the safety of the data on both devices. It can also be used to backup data on a Samsung device and upgrade the firmware.


  • It has a smart user interface that makes all operations including the transfer of data from one device to another very easy.
  • It also has backup capabilities.


  • Sometimes the data transferred using Samsung Smart Switch may be corrupted.
  • It is not useful when you want to transfer data from a Samsung device to another model or to PC.

samsung transfer tool: samsung smart switch

3. dr.fone - Switch

One of the best tools when you need to perform Samsung file transfer to another phone or tablet, dr.fone - Switch provides an easy solution for phone to phone transfer. You can essentially connect both devices to the computer and then simply transfer data between the devices. All data available on the source device is displayed on an easy to navigate interface that makes the whole transfer process quick and easy.

dr.fone - Switch

Easy-to-Follow Solution on Samsung Data Transfer to Another Phone

  • You can transfer data from one Samsung device to another including iOS devices and Windows devices.
  • It is ideal for the transfer of nearly all types of data including contacts, videos, text messages, photos and more.
  • It is very easy to use, with an interface that is easily navigable and self-explanatory.
  • It supports up to 7000 Android device models and all iOS device
Available on: Windows Mac
3,495,901 people have downloaded it
When you open dr.fone - Switch, the following screen shows.

samsung transfer tool: drfone - Switch

4. Android File Transfer

This free Mac tool allows users to manage an Android phone or tablet. This includes the ability to transfer data from the phone or tablet to the Mac and vice versa. Once the device is connected to the computer, Android File Transfer displays the files on the Android device, allowing the user to achieve Samsung file transfer on to the Mac.


  • It is completely free to download and use.
  • You can use it to manage most types of files including videos, music, and photos.


  • Sometimes the Mac can fail to recognize the Samsung device when using Android File Transfer.
  • The user interface is neither pleasing nor easily navigable and the program may take some getting used to.
  • You can’t use it to transfer data from one Samsung device to another.

samsung transfer tool: android file transfer

5. Samsung Kies

The default Samsung file management tool, Samsung Kies can help with fast Samsung data transfer to PC. When connected to the computer, the samsung transfer tool “Samsung Kies” is quick to recognize the device and perform an automatic backup of the data on the device. You can connect the device to the program in one of two ways; via USB cable or Wi-Fi.


  • It automatically syncs contacts and calendar with Outlook.
  • It is available for both Windows and Mac.
  • It is free and very easy to use when it comes to managing Samsung files.


  • It may not be of much help when you need to transfer data to another device model.
  • Support is limited and you may have to figure out how the program works by yourself.

samsung transfer tool: kies

6. AirDroid

The AirDroid app comes with a free and premium version. With the premium version, you can transfer data such as photos, videos and other types of data from your Samsung device to your computer. It also allows users to see a detailed list of installed apps on the device and you can easily delete or install apps on the device from the computer.


  • You can transfer data to your computer without needing a USB cable.
  • It can be useful in the management of apps from your computer.
  • It supports nearly all Android device models.
  • It has a free version that includes access to all features.


  • You can’t use it to transfer data to another Android device.
  • It doesn’t support the transfer of data such as text messages or contacts.

samsung transfer tool: airdroid

Each one of these programs is useful in its own way. But dr.fone-Transfer remains superior when looking for the best way to selectively Samsung data transfer to PC. If you need to move data from your Samsung device to any other device (including an iPhone), dr.fone-Switch is a Samsung transfer tool second to none.

They're downloading

dr.fone - Transfer (Android)

dr.fone - Transfer (Android)

Transfer photos, videos, music, contacts, messages and more between Android device and PC/Mac.

dr.fone - Backup&Restore (Android)

dr.fone - Backup&Restore (Android)

1-click to backup Android phone/tablets without any hassle and flexibly restore to any devices.

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