Effective Ways to Text from Computer to Phone

Texting is an age old method of conveying messages between computers or mobile devices. The service of texting from computer helps you exchange data or information in a larger volume. Mobile texts have character limit, whereas you can send phrases or paragraphs through computer without any such constraints. You can even text from PC to mobile phones through various ways. Here, we have featured some well known methods that help you to text from computer to phones.

Part 1: Text from computer with a tool

While discussing about texting from computer to mobile phones, it will be unfair if you don’t include ‘dr.fone’. dr.fone – Transfer not only moves your files, pictures, videos, audios and apps to a new mobile device but also enables you to send texts from your computer to any mobile phone. Installing dr.fone on your computer will make your life simple. The best part is you don’t need internet connectivity to send text from computer to phone while using dr.fone – Transfer.

dr.fone - Transfer (Android)

Best Tool to Text from Computer to Phone

  • Sends text messages from computer with ease.
  • Manages your SMS messages like grouping and deleting on computer.
  • Comprehensive Android manager.
  • Serves far more than transferring files, photos, contacts, messages, etc.
  • Fully compatible with Android 8.0.
Available on: Windows Mac
4,855,469 people have downloaded it

Here are the steps to download the tool and send SMS text to phone from PC.

Step 1: Install dr.fone on your computer

Open the dr.fone’s official website and download the dr.fone toolkit. Once the download is complete, install & launch the dr.fone toolkit. Next, tap on the ‘Transfer’ tab from the dr.fone’s main screen.

start dr.fone

Step 2: Connect your mobile phone

Once you have dr.fone – Transfer on your screen, connect your mobile phone with the computer through the USB cable. Allow ‘USB debugging’ in your mobile when asked and the tool will then automatically detect your device. Your device will then get successfully connected to the computer.

screen of Transfer tool

Step 3: Open the ‘Information’ tab

Now, you will have to choose the ‘Information’ tab from the top section of the dr.fone screen. The new window will show ‘Contacts’ and ‘SMS’ on the left-side panel. Click on ‘SMS’ to see your mobile’s inbox on dr.fone – Transfer’s interface.

information tab

Step 4: Draft and send a text

Next, to send a text message from your computer to any mobile number, click on the ‘New SMS’ button on the software window. A pop-up window will come up asking for number and message. Feed the number, type the text message and then tap on ‘Send’. Voila! Your message has been successfully sent to your preferred contact.

text from pc

Part 2: Text from computer with Skype

Skype is a messenger application, which you can use on your computer or mobile phone for online messaging. It requires a stable internet connection and login ID to send or receive messages. Apart from online messaging, it also allows the users to send text SMS to those who do not have Skype in their devices or an active internet connection. Here are the steps to text using Skype from your computer –

Step 1: Download and install Skype

Download Skype on your computer and install it. Launch it once the installation gets completed. Sign into your Skype/Microsoft account. If you don’t have one, then create a new one and try logging in.

skype account

Step 2: Sync or Add contacts

Now, sync your contacts from your email ID or mobile’s contact list or add new contacts by searching their Skype ID. Once the contacts are added, you are all set to go!

add contact

Step 3: Send text

Tap on a contact and just above the chat box, select ‘via Skype’ and then select ‘SMS’. Now, enter the contact number, the desired message for it and click ‘Send’.

text from pc from skype

Things to consifer before you text from PC with Skype:

  • • It requires stable internet connection to send or receive text messages.
  • • It needs a valid Microsoft account & password for logging in and sending messages.
  • • You need Skype credit to send SMS text from computer.
  • • The receiver won’t be able to reply to your ‘SMS text’ on Skype.

Part 3: Text from computer with Email

Yes, that’s right. You can text to phone from computer using email too! Though, it’s not the most convenient way to send SMS text from your computer but this, certainly, is the appropriate answer if someone asks you ‘Can I text someone from my computer for free using email?’ Often times, we do find people who are comfortable working on computers and use the same for sending text messages. So, get your curious soul out and hang on till we explore this way to text from PC with Email.

Step 1: Obtain the recipient’s carrier information

Mobile carriers such as Verizon and AT&T have a particular email gateway to allow you sending a text from PC using email. You can get the carrier information using third-party carrier lookup system by entering the 10 digit number of the recipient.

obtain carrier information

Step 2: Enter the recipient’s phone number in the ‘To’ field

Once you get the carrier gateway address, enter the phone number followed by the carrier gateway address in the address box of the email (here in the ‘To’ field).

Note: Time to time the gateways change, so users need to ensure the latest data is with them before trying this service. For the time being, here are some of the gateways which you can try out.

  • • AT&T – in the address box type mobilenumber@txt.net (for SMS) / mobilenumber@mms.att.net (for MMS)
  • • Virgin – mobilenumber@vmobl.com  (SMS and MMS)
  • • Sprint PCS – mobilenumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com (MMS & SMS)
  • • Verizon – mobilenumber@vtext.com (MMS and SMS)
  • • T-Mobile – mobilenumber@tmomail.net (MMS and SMS)

enter recipient

Step 3: Enter the text and send the message

Now that you have entered the content for the ‘To’ filed, type the text message on the email body and click on ‘Send’ just like any other email. The recipient would get your SMS barely in 30 seconds.

enter the content

Things to consider before you text from computer with Email:

  • • Including a subject in email would reduce the characters from the SMS.
  • • The recipient is charged for each message you send, though your emails are free.
  • • If you add an image the message will automatically change to an MMS.

Part 4: Text through a wireless carrier’s website

Sending text from computer to cell phone is sometimes fun. You can even text to the subscribers other than the carrier you currently use, if the wireless service provider has enabled those features for you. It is easy to text from computer to iPhone or an Android phone, when your network carrier supports the service. Here are the steps to send texts from computer to a mobile phone using your wireless carrier’s website –

Step 1: Sign into your account with the service provider (My Verizon Account, if you are a Verizon subscriber).

text from carrier website

Step 2: To access the desktop application, download the desktop software of your service provider and login to your account. For new users, they need to sign up and obtain valid login details first.

download the desktop version

Step 3: Once you login to your account, get into 'Send a Text' section, select number you want to text, type in the message and click 'Send'. You are sorted!

text from pc via website

Considerations before you text through Wireless Carrier’s website:

  • • It requires active internet connection.
  • • Features may vary depending on the carrier.
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