Must-Knows When You Transfer Data to New Phone

Cellphones, or rather their evolved form, smartphones are no longer devices simply for communication, but a lifestyle choice. These silicone based gadgets have become a representation of who we are as an individual, reflecting our tastes, living standards and love for new and better technology. The fashion and features of smartphones are changing so fast that it is almost impossible to keep up with it. It is only natural a person changes smartphones frequently to keep up with the trend.

Part 1: Why is the smartphone market changing so fast

Technological growth is exponential, just like an avalanche. It starts slow but before you realize, it has gained such momentum that it revolutionizes the world. Smartphones have probably brought about the first silent digital revolution, changing our tastes, needs and abilities. It has created niches with instant social media and made human interaction an instantaneous virtual phenomenon.

And silent or not, no revolution lets the world stagnate around it. It brings change in all related things. Everything is getting digitalized today. And humanity’s thirst for curiosity will keep pushing us to strive for a better everything. A better home, a faster car and of course a smarter phone.

These fast-paced developments and an innate desire to possess the best makes us change smartphones very frequently. Most people get bored with their mobile devices within a year and the tempting new bleeding technology prompts them to buy a newer one. While there are some people who buy new devices due to more pressing needs such as loss of the previous device or irreparable damage, these probably make only a fraction of the buyers.

So with this rapid change in technology comes with a swift change of our everyday phones. We update our devices to adapt to the changing times.

Part 2: What data can be transferred

Our smartphones are weaving our lives intricately within the digital world. We store away snippets and pieces about us in the virtual world. Even though we change our devices, we hang on to these little things as they are a part of who we are.

Earlier the transfer of data to a new phone was a very cumbersome task. We did not have dedicated software until recently to help us change our hardware with ease. Therefore it is imperative to know what data can be transferred and what cannot.

Thankfully there are dedicated third party application that help us perform this transfer hassle free.

Most smartphones allow you to transfer photos, videos, music without having to depend on external applications. These are your personal data files and therefore accessible by you directly. But how about your messages and conversations? Although these are parts of your private information, they are not directly transferrable.

Third party applications are needed for the transfer of data to new phone. Same is the case for contacts, calendar, and saved passwords, apps, app data and call logs.

Part 3: How to transfer data to new phone in one click

One such external application for a speedy and effortless new phone transfer is dr.fone - Switch. It is a very versatile and robust application which allows for a seamless transfer amongst over 6000 mobile devices. It has high compatibility amongst Androids and iOS devices. Here is a chart with detailed cross-platform compatibility.

transfer data to new phone

dr.fone - Switch

Best Solution to Transfer Data to New Phone

  • The product is safe, secure and fast. It will not store your information and neither in any cloud.
  • As per the product coding, its algorithm is such that you will never configure with the situation like data loss or hamper the file.
  • With this specialized tool, you can transfer the data in two consecutive devices.
  • You get limitless options to transfer data. It can be contacts, audio, video, photographs and others.
Available on: Windows Mac
3,495,901 people have downloaded it

Step by step process of how to transfer data from old phone to new phone.

Step 1: Install the dr. fone application on your computer.

You can try a limited time trial version or buy the application. Once you have the app, open it on your computer. The application will look like this.

transfer data to new phone with dr.fone

Step 2: Select the “Switch” option.

Now it is time to connect both of your devices. Let us take the example of an iOS device as source and Android device as the target.

select the source and destination to transfer data to new phone

Step 3: Select the files you want to transfer to new phone, and click the start transfer button.

You can choose the clear data before copy option if you want to erase data on the new phone before the transfer starts.

transfer data to new phone by selecting files

Within a few minutes, the files will be copied and the new phone transfer will be successfully completed.

Congratulations! The transfer of data from the old phone to the new phone is successful.

finished transferring data to new phone

Trust and efficiency are pillars that support the dr.fone application.

It is 100% safe and secure. Your personal life is what your phone represents. You and only you have access to the data throughout the entire process of transfer of data from old phone to new phone.

The app does not store or view any of your private data anywhere locally or on the cloud. Rest assured, you can switch phones through dr.fone - Switch in a secure and speedy manner.

Part 4: What to do with the old device

Some people have a nostalgic side to them and wish to keep the phone for the sake of memories. Others simply require it as a backup of their precious personal data.

However, if you want to abandon your old phone or sell it for some extra money, it is imperative to erase all the data on the phone.

There are several external applications that format your device and remove all data from it. One such application is dr. fone - Erase.

dr.fone - Erase

Fully Erase Everything on Android and Protect Your Privacy

  • Simple, click-through process.
  • Wipe your Android completely and permanently.
  • Erase photos, contacts, messages, call logs and all private data.
  • Supports all Android devices available in the market.
Available on: Windows
3,603,583 people have downloaded it

Below we illustrate the steps required to perform permanent data deletion.

Step 1: Open the app and select the Erase option.

old phone erase

Step 2: Connect your phone to the computer and make sure the USB debugging mode is switched on.

The tool will automatically recognize your phone and now you select the option of Erase all Data.

erasing operations after new phone transfer

Step 3: Type in “delete” in the confirm box and click Delete.

The app will now start deleting all the private data.

type in delete to confirm operations after new phone transfer

Step 4: Factory reset on your phone.

This will remove all system settings and reset your device to default ones.

complete whole work of new phone transfer

Congratulations, you have successfully erased all the data on your phone.

The takeaway here is that we need to adapt to these fast-changing times that are only going to get faster. As we adopt novel technologies, our old ones will gradually be left behind in the dust. Therefore knowing the tips and tricks of adapting to these changes will surely be a boon.

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dr.fone (Mac) - Transfer (Android)

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