Top 7 Indonesia VPNs - Fast & Secure VPNs for Indonesia 2019

Indonesia is one of the very peculiar and private countries in South East Asia. So are the telecommunication and broadcasting laws and orders. You all must have heard the news that Indonesia’s Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) had announced in 2016 that they have banned access to nearly 800,000 different websites. Even though the country follows a democratic mode of governance, there is almost no right to freedom of speech in their legal constitution. These websites are like BBC, iPlayer, Netflix, ESPN, or Hulu, or BeIN Sports, to name a few. Nevertheless, the Indonesian citizens are assured of their right to have a protected, private and secured life.

This is the reason, it is recommended to use a VPN to browse the internet in Indonesia. It is an excellent tool which would hide your actual location by steering the internet traffic through a transitional server. An Indonesia VPN actually encrypts the incoming and outgoing web traffic on a device so that the prying surveillance agencies and hackers are kept away.

In the following section, we shall introduce you to the various VPN Indonesia would allow you to browse freely yet securely in Indonesia, 7 to be precise in number. These have been voted the best among the various others:

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the traditional Indonesia VPN service providers; they have an experience of more than a decade. This VPN Indonesia experience has aided them in gathering a large pool of users. They also believe in the consistent fine-tuning of their products. Following are the features:

  • - NordVPN follows the No-Log policy, which means there is no information about browsing behaviors, history, servers, or timelines of the connection.
  • - NordVPN operates nearly 1000 servers in more than 55 countries.
  • - There are also a couple of servers located in Indonesia, hence making it easy for the local residents to unlock the restricted content while traveling abroad.
  • - This VPN Indonesia uses 256-bit AES encryption standard coupled with 2,048-bit SSL keys.
  • - DNS leak security is also enabled.

Compatibility: It is compatible with Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

Price: It costs around USD 12 per month.

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indonesia vpn - nordvpn

2. ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN is a simple, easy-to-use Indonesia VPN. It is undoubtedly a little costlier than others but there is no compromise in terms of customer service and quality of the product. Following are the features of the VPN:

  • - It has around 1,500 servers across 94 countries globally, including a few in Indonesia also.
  • - It follows the NO-LOG policy, i.e., the policy of not maintaining any traffic logs. The individual IP address of the user is logged.
  • - It arrays 256-bit AES-CBC encryption standard, along with HMAC authentication and flawless forward privacy.
  • - Kill Switch mechanism is available.
  • - Most services like Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer are compatible with the VPN.

Compatibility: It is compatible with Android and iOS as well as desktop clients for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Price: It costs around USD 7 per month.

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indonesia vpn - expressvpn

3. IPVanish

IPVanish is a fast VPN Indonesia service which doesn’t compromise on the encryption factors or your browsing privacy.  IPVanish deploys the 256-bit encryption, the SHA512 verification, and the DHE-RSA 2,048-bit key exchange.

Following are the features of IPVanish VPN:

  • - This VPN Indonesia one also follows the No-Logs policy.
  • - It also maintains an internet kill switch mechanism which just adds an extra level of security.
  • - There are more than 850 servers spread across 60 countries globally. At present, there is no option to connect to any Indonesian server but since there are close to 85 servers in the whole of Asia, so IPVanish will still not disappoint you.

Compatibility: It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. In addition, it also works on the desktop with Windows and MacOS.

Price: It costs USD 3.25 per month.

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indonesia vpn - ipvanish vpn

4. Cyberghost Pro

Cyberghost Pro is an ideal VPN Indonesia server for amateurs as it is pretty easy to set up. There are more than 850 servers in 27 countries. At present, there is no option to connect to Indonesia, but those in the nearby locations such as Singapore and Japan are adequate for the users.

Following are the features:

  • - No-log policy which ensures 100 percent privacy and security.
  • - It uses 256-bit AES encryption along with 2,048-bit RSA keys and MD5 HMAC verification.
  • - Internet kill switch mechanism is available.

Compatibility: Compatible with Android and iOS.

Price: Costs around USD 11.99 per month.

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cyberghost vpn for indonesia

5. VyprVPN:

VyprVPN is one of the very few VPN Indonesia server that can break strong China’s Great Firewall because of its Chameleon technology.  They do not include any third party for maintenance of their infrastructure.

Following are the features:

  • - They follow the 256-bit AES, 2,048-bit RSA keys, and SHA256 authentication.
  • - Internet kill switch is available.
  • - There are more than 700 servers and some in Indonesia too.
  • - It can crack content on Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.

Compatibility: Compatible with Android and iOS

Price: It costs USD 6.67 per month

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goldenfrog vpn for indonesia

6. HideMyAss VPN

HideMyAss runs its own individual DNS system with solid encryption to keep the IP confidential. This VPN Indonesia server has servers in more than 210 countries, including 3 in Indonesia. Following are the features:

  • - It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • - The only negative is that it does not allow multiple connections.
  • - No Log policy is followed.
  • - It provides an excellent speed.
  • - It follows Strong security protocols.

Compatibility: It is compatible with Windows, Mac, OSX, Linux, iPhone, Android, and iPad.

Price: It costs around USD 5.26 per month

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hidemyasss vpn for Indonesia

7. PureVPN

PureVPN is one such service provider that is continuously working towards improving its services, for a better customer experience. Following are the features:

  • - PureVPN operates as a self-managed VPN network – no 3rd party involved.
  • - There are 750 plus Servers in more than 140 countries.
  • - NO logs are maintained of your browsing.
  • - High-security standards – L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2 in addition to ASE-256 encryption.

Compatibility: It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, and iPod.

Price: Costs around USD 10 per month.

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We hope we have furnished the most useful information for you regarding the best VPN Indonesia server in Indonesia. All the best!

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