Top 7 Free VPN Proxies to Unblock Any Website

If you like to access any location-based restricted content, then you can take the assistance of a VPN proxy. A proxy VPN can help you protect your privacy while browsing the internet anonymously. Unlike a dedicated VPN server, you can use a VPN proxy free download as well and save your money. In this post, we will explain the difference between VPN vs proxy and provide options for free proxy websites as well.

Part 1: VPN VS Proxy

Before we start and make you familiar with VPN proxy server, it is important to know the basic difference between VPN vs proxy.

Consider proxy as a middle layer that is placed between your system and the internet. It can alter the original IP address of your connection, letting you access location-restricted content. There are different kinds of proxies, like web-based, HTTP, SOCKS, reverse, forward, etc.

proxy server setup

While a proxy only alters your IP address, a VPN provides a high-level security with its encryption layer. It also protects you from hackers or any malicious attack. One major difference is that in most of the VPNs, no log is maintained of your browsing data. On the other hand, a proxy server can maintain a log of your browsing activity.

vpn server setup

VPNs are also more secure and are usually paid while proxies are lightweight and can be used for free.

Part 2: Top 7 free VPN proxies

After getting to know the major difference between VPN vs proxy, let’s proceed and learn more about some reliable free proxy websites that you can use.


When we think of a proxy VPN, is the first solution that comes to our mind. It is a freely available web-based tool. Therefore, you can simply visit its website and type the URL that you wish to access. You can simply load a search engine and continue browsing the way you like.

  • • The freely available tool supports 3 locations (Netherlands, Germany, and the USA)
  • • The premium version is also available of this VPN proxy that comes with tons of advanced features.
  • • It is extremely easy to use and is trusted by more than 5 million users.
  • • Unlike other free proxy websites, it doesn’t maintain any log.
  • • Supports Anonymous IP

Platforms: Web-based with applications for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android

Visit it here

hideme free vpn proxy

2. Hidester

As the name suggests, this VPN proxy server will hide your identity while letting you browse the internet anonymously. To use it, just visit its website and provide any URL.

  • • The VPN proxy of Hidester is available for free
  • • No need to perform VPN proxy free download
  • • Free version has two servers – US and Europe (US version is optimized for China)
  • • The tool is quite secure and provides a 128-bit encryption
  • • It provides SSL level proxy support while maintaining 100% anonymity

Platforms: Web-based with a Chrome extension also available

Visit it here

hidester free vpn proxy

3. Kproxy

Used by more than a million people, Kproxy is one of the most trusted free proxy websites out there. If needed, you can also perform the VPN proxy free download for your Windows PC as well. Else, you can also access it through its website.

  • • It will keep you anonymous while browsing the web for sure
  • • Works extremely well with social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and more
  • • The tool supports ads – you can get its Pro (paid) version, which is ad-free

Platforms: Web-based, Chrome/Firefox extensions, and a free tool for Windows PC

Visit it here

kproxy vpn proxy

4. VPN Book Web Proxy

The VPN proxy web tool provided by VPN Book is a reliable solution that is extremely easy to use as well. Without the need to perform VPN proxy free download or use any software, you can use it by visiting its website.

  • • As of now, it allows us to connect to servers in Canada, US, France, and UK.
  • • It supports a 256-bit SSL encryption to keep any malicious data away
  • • Supports all the leading social media and news websites as well
  • • It is an excellent tool to bypass online censorship of content

Platforms: web-based tool that works for every platform

Visit it here

vpn book web proxy

5. Anonymouse

If you are looking for a lightweight proxy VPN solution, then you should try Anonymouse. It has an email client that you can also try to further protect your privacy.

  • • As of now, it is available in English and German
  • • It is one of the oldest free proxy websites that has been used by millions of people already
  • • It supports ad-free surfing and the download of large file sizes as well.
  • • You can even get its cheap subscription as well to access its other features

Platform: Web-based solution

Visit it here


6. ProxySite

Protect your identity online by using this freely available VPN proxy server. It will let you have an access to worldwide content without causing a dent in your pocket.

  • • This proxy VPN server supports SSL layer encryption.
  • • You can easily bypass content filters while browsing anonymously.
  • • It supports multiple servers in the US, Europe, and other regions
  • • It is particularly used to browser social media platforms (like YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, etc.) without any restrictions.

Platforms: Web-based tool that anyone can access

Visit it here


7. Don’t Filter Us

This VPN proxy website might not be as flashy as other options, but it is certainly pretty reliable and secure.

  • • You can customize the way you access the web with its options
  • • It is ideal to bypass location-based filters on content
  • • It can encrypt your URL, disallow scripts, stop cookies, etc.
  • • Lightweight online tool, which supports all the leading social and news websites

Platforms: web-based tool

Visit it here

don't filter us vpn proxy

By taking the assistance of these free proxy websites, you would be able to access any restricted content easily and browse the web anonymously. Go ahead and try these VPN proxy tools and feel free to share this tool with your friends and family as well.

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